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  1. Allison's Avatar
    Stephanie hates Heyman. This ain't gonna happen
  2. the wrestling shade's Avatar
    i dont see paul heyman taking the spot of vince mcmahon why its simple??! when he started with this ECW program he has changed the wrestling bussiness forever and he paved the way for all the wrestling promotions and introduced to them the fast aggressive style in preforming and also the extreme hardcore style wich every wrestling company uses these days but you need to remember something even thought paul heyman was the creator and the founder of the modern wrestling style but he also was a bad manager when it comes to the money and other financial stuff. back in ECW a huge part of its downfall happend because of this and he was gambler he blew a lot of the promotion money on gambling and he wanted to know everything and to be superior on everyone and wanted to have ultimate control on the company so despite he was a wrestling genius he was also hard and dangerous to deal with and to do bussiness with and i think mr mcmahon knows this very well and he wouldnt handle an over 50 years of success and revolution to paul heyman
  3. helmsley's Avatar
    well, i think that steff and HHH will do a good job, they both know the business and can bring something fresh to wwe, but add heyman to that mix and wwe will be in a very goog spot for sure
  4. Allison's Avatar
    Hopefully, after Vince is out of power, the WWE will fall into a shambles, leading way to the end of "Sports Entertainment." Of out the ashes will rise TERRITORYS of PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING.

    Wouldn't that be wonderful?

  5. tittle97's Avatar
    Heyman would be AWESOME, but there's just no way possible. HHH has been working on this for years. He married and popped 3 kids out of Steph. And with him recently being the voice in the announcer's ears is just a sign of him having even more power and eventually stepping into VKM's shoes.
  6. ChrisMasterpiece's Avatar
    I don't even like HBK that much, but c'mon - the gimmick that Helms had where he was a self-obsessed punk with stupid sunglasses? I'm starting to think that's how he is in real life...
  7. buddhamonkey's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by wallyman
    sacrifice had a purpose...shawn claims to b all u think a christian would slaughter animals for fun....? u would think he woul;d find anohter hobbie....who the fuck kills a bear for fun....and stuff the head on the wall...
    Yeah, there's a difference between sacrifice and hunting, but my point was that it's not a sin to hunt animals, fun or otherwise. For the record, I'm personally not a fan of hunting and have no desire, but for Helms to try and paint Shawn as a hypocrite because he hunts is ridiculous.
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