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    Dude you got Uber Powned by borash, Nah only joking your right man he's weak couldn't stand the banter as a brit I appreciate the sarcasm in your comment to him good times
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    Thanks for the views guys. A few clear up points if I may:

    1. WCW -
    Over here in the UK, WCW made a small dent in the wrestling audience. Nitro was on a dodgy channel at stupid o'clock and it was never pushed/plugged by TNT. To a lot of us brits, WCW kind of didnt happen. However, ECW hit us like a freight train, using Tape trading of course but thats what made it cool, the fact it wasn't being plastered averywhere. In my neck of the woods, WCW was an also-ran and the most exposure it ever got on Sky Sports (The UK's home of Wrestling) was the Raw takeover episode. I get the influences WCW had (I've watched the Monday Night Wars and that does reveal a lot) and I respect the fact they were No1 for a while. My point is that now, people who I speak to about the "good ol days" of wrestling never mention WCW. It's ECW or WWE.

    2. The Money Side of Things
    Not once in my article did I say that Paul would be the man to watch the pursestrings. A role I'm pretty sure, and Vince probably does, would be left to a team of University Educated accountants and financial analizers. True, Heyman would piss it all up the wall, but not if he hasn't got the key to the safe
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    Good points raised there. Comedy is a part of DGusa but they prefer to focus on the matches more. The main difference between our opinions may be our locations. In the UK we dont really go in for the comedy side of it, we are into the in-ring action a lot more. With that in mind, Maybe DGuk should be their next line of attack
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    DG USA is pretty great, now I admit I like Chikara, but they work with each yeah I just wish they had some better marketing.
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    This is a good article and I know exactly what you're saying but I'd have to disagree. By far my favourite indy promotion recently has been Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. PWG have the best mix of talent in the world, the top guys from all promotions bar a couple of the top japanese guys you've mentioned(although akira towzawa is quickly becoming a major fan favourite). This includes an amazing array of all different wrestling styles and wrestlers of all shapes and sizes. Their action is just as brutal and intense as ROH and DGUSA but with alot more much needed comedy. And I dont mean crappy John Cena jokes, i mean guys like Paul London that are genuinely hilarious. The commentary is also sidesplitting, fifty times better than anything I've ever heard from other indy DVDs and getting the wrestlers to fill in on commentary before and after they wrestle is a stroke of genius. They also show consistancy in the quality their in ring product, some of ROHs lesser DVDs and tv tapings can be very very boring.
    As far as DGUSA I love the product but just dont think they deserve a tv deal just yet, the show they present simply is a wrestling fans dream but unfortunately wouldnt appeal to the casual viewer as much as the beer drinking, comedic, action packed antics of PWG.
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    Paul Heyman is any excellent visionary but a terrible business man. Have you heard all of the horror stories from those that used to compete in ECW? His lack of business knowledge is what ran the organization into the ground. People's checks were bouncing on pay day and in today's economy, I don't think many can afford to have a pay check bounce.

    I think Heyman is definately the guy you want running your creative team but nothing more. Also, he has a bit of an inflated ego...if all of his ideas aren't used or he isn't in complete creative control, he tends to either split or not sign on to an organization at all.
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