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  1. RegalRotherham vs JeremyBorash

    When micro-blogging site Twitter first emerged, it was embraced by a lot of celebrities and professional entertainers to give the “All Exposed” view of their lives. A great idea really, Twitter tells the fans a bit more about the person, not the brand. It is a great idea and well done to Twitter. However over the last year to 2 years it has revolutionised our industry and in my opinion, ruined ...
  2. DG-USA – The New #2

    Happy New Year all, I hope you all had a good time over the festive period. I drank and smoked way too much and ended up with a shaven head :\

    But enough of pleasantries, it’s time to be nasty to TNA! Ooh TNA, with all your flag waving, self belief and pomp and circumstance. TNA with your awesome roster and no ideas for them. TNA with your blatant disregard for WRESTLING FANS…. ...
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  3. Paul Heyman – The ONLY man who could take over from Vince McMahon

    As time goes on and years pass, our favourite billionaire megalomaniac grows older. In the next 15 years we will most probably see, if not the passing, but the WWF/E retirement of Vince McMahon. The man who undercut his dad to buy WWWF, the man who obliterated the local territories, raided all the best talents from those territories and constructed the Wrestling powerhouse that is the WWF/E, brought ...

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  4. Shane Helms - Classless

    I've always been tempted to start writing a blog on here. I’ve always enjoyed reading them and seeing what the rest of the IWC thinks about the great business that we all love. I always wanted to start writing but never had anything to say.

    That however, has changed.

    Over the past 4 days, Shane Helms has basically cut a promo from the safety of his computer desk on ...
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