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  1. Eire Icon's Avatar
    I agree and disagree.............yes people want real, but not to the point where it cheapens the product. If you watch a movie or drama on TV you know that your ultimately watching actors and its not a"Real"........but that doesn't mean at the end of the scene you want those same actors to turn around and congratulate each other for some great acting. That would be riddiculous because it breaks your immersion in the story being told.

    Yes people are interested in "Whats really going on" but lately I do believe WWE are taking it too far. If you're telling a story then tell the story. Keep Wrestling simple and true to its roots..........these guys are fighting, they don't like each other, and they want to win.............thats what fans find opposed to being constantly told "I come out here every week to entertain you"
  2. Brian Cice's Avatar
    wwe didn't kill keyfave. Keyfabe killed keyfabe. But seriouslly. WWE didn't do a thing to it. Keyfabe was killed the moment the internet was created. Before the internet you had no way of knowing what was going on backstage at events, what the creative team or even vince were thinking of doing. When you saw a couple on TV you thought they were really going out. Thanks to wikipedia, dirt sheets, twitter, reality tv, keyfabe is lost. WWE didn't do a thing but adapt to the changing times. The world doesn't want make pretend. They want "real" which is why Total Divas is so popular. Why this website is so popular. Why "Pipe Bombing" is so popular. The only way true keyfabe can come back is if dirt sheets and twitter vanish from this world and that's not gonna happen.
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    Gr8 Blog!!! Masters is betterthann many big men in both the promotions...his current gimmick of American Adonis in RKK (which is similar to Master Piece Gimmick) is very good...oz, master piece gimmick was a hit in they mt have used the same gimmick...

    I also want Chavo on TNA and challenge AA...that would be gr8 wrestling...

    Anderson is interesting but, I also agree with you that he needs to get his character defined...

    I want to see Joe back on the main event picture..Joe is perhaps the Best Technical wrestler in the both promotions combined....
  4. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    If I can throw in my two cents, I agree with you. My biggest draw is the ratings issue: like you said, ratings don't necessarily dictate the quality of the matches involved. I'm a TNA supporter, and in most shows I see at least one or two matches that I really enjoy. I liked your opinion of Anderson's standing: I would like to see him pin down a more stable and established persona. He seems to represent TNA's version of CM Punk: a loud, outspoken "take no crap" wild card. I like him, but I would like to see more of his character more solidly defined. Honestly, I'd like to see more of him, period. I'm worried that his apparent lack of interest will get him in trouble with TNA, and I would hate to see him go.
    thanks for the opinion guys!
  6. monctonvike's Avatar
    Great blog Brother

    1) masters is better than terry and some on the roster. Si yes he should be there. Looks like Rob terry and that jersey shore guy are gonna make a tag team. they won the belts in ovw.

    2) Anderson came into tna his first year white hot with a great feud with angle. This last year, he has seemed bored and uninterested. Hope he is ready not just sing it but to bring it.

    3) ric should go. Tna and ric should part ways when his contract is up and tna should milk it for all that its worth.

    4) Russo was saying he fired tna so to speak the other day so one should always has to take him with a grain of salt. The other thing they are still working off of his scripts and stories. Russo was famous for having things written well in advance it might be months before we see a difference in that regard.

    all and all great blog just though i would share some thoughts.
  7. matt1tude's Avatar
    I totally agree with you, great blog. And WWE made the choice to induct the horsemen into the HOF knowing Flair was under contract with TNA (unless they are too retarded to check where possible HOFer's are working beforehand). If I were TNA I'd get some free exposure on WWE programming out of it. WWE and Vince have made their bed now they have to accept it.

    But just like WWE they will find a way around it so they don't advertise another company that offers the same type of entertainment and hide in their little bubble and act like nobody else exists.

    That's was pisses me off about WWE, stick their head in the sand and act like there is no other wrestling promotion than themselves. To them any wrestler they release, said wrestlers disappear into purgatory.
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