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    I think they are doing a good job of trying to introduce there tv audience to the wrestlers and to emphasize that they are all about in ring action. As far as the production quality it looked better when it was on HD net. Its on at 12am here on Monday (really Sunday nights). Things can change very fast but right now I would say that ROH is as far away from TNA, as TNA is from wwe (if you know what I mean) ALL and all ROH is a good thing I might not watch it as often as I would like but I will always be cheering for them like TNA its good for wrestling as a whole the more competition the better
  2. HCollins-TNA1's Avatar
    Me being a fan of wrestling, overall Ring of Honor puts on a great show....
    But will say they have their negatives and positives... Esp ROH TV...
    For one, the biggest problem I have seen is timing of matches... but overall the wrestling is the best spots and move feasts usually.... will say shorter matches is what is needed excpet for special shows in which it a title match or even non title match...
    I don't have problem with the arena lighting or such, it adds to the small time wrestling promotion... Promos well most wrestlers I seen have done a great job with the sale of their character The Biscoes, Jay Lethal, Hass and Benjamin, Roderick Strong, Kevin Steen, Davey Richards and etc... both in and out of the ring...
  3. gx_core's Avatar
    When it comes to bang for your buck, ROH wins. I have been to many shows from the 3 companies and ROH is the only one I can say that I got my moneys worth every single time. ROH gets several hundred paying fans, sounds about the same for TNA shows (since they give tickets away for free). I'm not bashing TNA, but at least ROH has already taped more episodes on the road then Impact. Pyro is over rated.
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    I guess many people want entertainment, not just wrestling. Some complain that TNA doesn't have enough wrestling, and that ROH has too much, and not enough mic - work. But I think the WWE is kind of in the middle, thats why people always watch it. ROH isn't a sports entertainment company, like WWE and TNA. Its a wrestling company. Of course you're going to get ROH marks defending the company, calling it the best wrestling company in America. Hell even someone from ROH said that Davey Richards was the best wrestler in the world, when Punk cut that worked - shoot promo. The fact is, different people are going to have different opinions, but ROH isn't for everyone.
  5. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    I will say the Match quailty, ROH far exceeds ECW... ECW wasnt about matches more along the lines of great stories and Great promos and cutting edge stuff.
  6. DonzelDomination's Avatar
    This is exactly what I've been thinking!!
  7. Slickman69's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by dub
    Slickman I have to disagree with you. I mean you are spot on with the quality and the promos but I gotta disagree with the wrestling aspect. I have seen sooooooooooooooooo many great matches from ROH. Have you seen the Steen/Generico, American Wolves table match? Have you seen the Bryan Danielson vs Tyler Black Match? Have you seen Eddie Edwards vs Davey Richards match? Have you seen the Aries/Mcguiness match? Have you seen Tag Team 4 corners match between KOW, Bricoes, WGTT, and All Night Express? The list goes on and on and on and on and the thing is... I just started watching ROH?!?!?!? I mean you can't deny the talent they currently have either(In the ring). Jay Lethal, Eddie Edwards, Nigel Mcguiness, WGTT, Briscoes, Davey Richards, Kevin Steen, El Generico, All night Express, Roderick Strong, TJ Perkins, O'Riley, T.Ciampa....THESE GUYS CAN FLAT OUT GO! And "Bagg" hit it right on the nail. ROH is WRESTLING therefore it is a breath of fresh air from WWE & TNA. Their primary concern is getting "actors" and developing characters and in the process wrestling is put on the back burner. ROH is the exact opposite they look for "wrestlers". Jay Lethal doesn't have to be a macho man knockoff anymore he can just go in the ring and perform. Shelton doesn't have to have a "Gold Standard"/"mama's boy" gimmick anymore(what was dat about WWE?!?!?!) he can just go in the ring and perform. When you think about it that's when he was at his best in the WWE WHEN THEY JUST LET HIM WRESTLE! That is why it is going to be so hard for Tyler Black to make it, thats why its going to be hard for Hero to make it, thats why it WAS hard for Kaval to make it... because the WWE wants gimmicks and characters first not wrestling. None the less good blog its always cool to see other wrestling fans veiws on different Promotions
    dub I have to admit I have not seen many of those matches lol. I will definitely check them out. My analysis, if you can call it that, was based solely on the three or so attempts at watching the weekly ROH TV on their website. I agree with you on Shelton. That guy had it all and WWE dropped him because I guess a guy who can put on a 5-star match, cut an above average promo, and has the superstar look wasn't enough for the creative team to work with. Go figure.
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