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  1. NigelBarks's Avatar
    cenas boring
    i like the edge christian angle
    they needa bring back the old nexus some how and someway, cm spunk is just to boring for me right now
    dun care about tag team/diva titles ether cuz deres a lack of tag teams in the wwe
    john morrison DESERVES the MITB
    do u really wanna see cody vs rey mysterio mask vs mask?
    sting vs undertaker- they will an extra million viewers for wm lol
  2. Trips88's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by CodenameRKO
    What about Evan Bourne? I think it is his year to win!
    Why the hell would they waste the MItB on him?! Unless they plan on having him loose the brief case to another guy like Mr. Kennedy did a few years back. Don't get me wrong I like Evan, but unless they bring the cruiserweight title back or something I don't see him with a title.
  3. Crisis's Avatar
    I think it would be great if the "Money in the Bank" match was a "Belt in a Briefcase" match! Since the WWE is think about joining the Intercontential and United States championships. Ten guys should fight for the chance to be its first title holder!
  4. Tenzach's Avatar
    What's with people hating on Miz/Cena match in the comments? Sure the match isn't going to be a 5 star classic, but I believe they can put on a decent match. I also believe the Build-Up leading to Miz/Cena could be insanely awesome IF done right.
  5. donthatetheplayer's Avatar
    Think its an okay/average card - but the outcomes are horrible.

    No Major title changes with all being retained and no upsets with Rey, Orton, Taker and HHH winning???? Seriously thats horrible - In effect every face and champ win which is a yawnfest.

    WM is the showpiece, focus on clean matches and establishing stars. This could be a RAW or SDOWN
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  6. Nexus4Life's Avatar
    Cena to lose againist the Miz,...thanks to Micheal Cole!
  7. knox's Avatar
    yea john cena finds his way in the mainevent of wrestlemania every year its soooo dry. Even orton hasnt mainevented every wrestlemania since he became champ its sick. Why cant they give us a break from seeing him in the mainevent? Miz & Cena are ok in the ring but i think the miz has more convinvingly damaging moves. It would be a shame if creative lets cena win

    i agree with your post other than the booker t match. I think he's sticking with the announcing gig. Also what do u think about Kevin Nash vs The Big Show. They have loads of history and had a staredown at the rumble.....also Dibiase will win money in the bank because he deserves it and Jomo will find his way in a normal match
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