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  1. justinc's Avatar
    Guess you don't remember Jericho going over Austin and Rock on the same night to become the unified champ.
  2. Charles-Ian Duncan's Avatar
    I totally Agree on this Blog Good sum up!The better man won period!I was going for Jericho but then the Walls failed I knew punk would win,but next to the Rock, Jericho can do great promos,If fact The Rock and Jericho helped make Wrestling enjoyable in both in ring action and promos True Showman,Cena may have lost but he'll be fine hes already established HOF status anyways!
  3. redblade0's Avatar
    Also unlike Punk who tries to bury everyone he faces Y2J doesn't mind putting talent over.
  4. redblade0's Avatar
    Y2J will always be better then CM Punk wrestling wise and promo wise. CM Punk can win endless titles and matches and go all Super Punk on everyone, but he will NEVER EVEEEEER be better then Y2J.

    HBK tapped to Cena at WM 23 you're not going to actually say Cena is better then Shawn? Also everyone taps only the 2 golden boys don't (Cena and Punk).
  5. brockbatista's Avatar
    Jericho won the war against Punk. This feud made Punk look stupid both in terms of promo and wrestling. Jericho out promo and out wrestle Punk. And everybody knew Punk was going to win.
  6. The Hipster's Avatar
    again.) The Miz is the only Cleveland champ on which I can hang my hat.
  7. The Hipster's Avatar
    I'll take the Rock representing the Tribe because they were good in the 90's (and could be good
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