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    I'm not asking this to be rude, I'm seriously asking: What about the Nexus debut wasn't a new concept? You said it was old with a "pepsi twist". Because it was a stable of wrestlers beating people up? CM Punk got praise for doing a worked shoot and he did a great job but that had been done. I think creative deserves credit for the first night of Nexus. It was very well done and left everyone shocked. Now disregard the REST of the Nexus angle. Lol.
  2. justinjackson1983's Avatar
    I think it is also a good thing,
    Il explain why..
    with the rock brock taker HHH and other legends all being pushed forward for mania 29 this gives younger talent to push the boundaries, get themselves noticed and recieve a push

    for two long it felt like wrestlers where just waiting for their mitb win and wwe title reign this gives them a chance to fight for their spot

    might make things better
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    wow, youve basically just stole my whole blog and wrote a better version of it, which i now wont be posting...LOL....anyways thats exactly what i was thinking, i thought after WM this would be the new era of rhodes and ziggler but there going to have to take a big step back now. not that im complaining brock and rock are back but its definetly a shame for the hard working mid carders...
  4. PhEonYx's Avatar
    You my friend have quite a way with words.. Enjoyed your blog beginning to end. Despite what others may think/post, you pretty much nailed it.. Heck while reading, I asked myself full out; "what are his in depth views on the Rock vs Cena match??"...Ive been contemplating writing my first blog on how I truely felt about the match and what not..yet words cant seem to come to mind... They say great minds think alike...dwell on the matter, yet i'd sincerely be interested in your views... Thanks again...Enjoyed
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    Interesting... So what about all the other matches at Mania that have taken place that others have won and lost? Hogan vs Warrior, HBK vs Angle and Stone Cold vs The Rock (twice) are just examples. Have you forgotten that it took The Rock 3 tries to beat Stone Cold at the biggest stage of them all? And now he is calling himself the greatest of all time? And you are saying that Cena will never surpass the Rock? So the Rock or Cena has never lost at Mania?

    The Rock lost at 3 straight Manias before and he has never beaten the Undertaker or HBK. So The Rock beating Cena once doesn't mean a thing, even though it was At Mania. The Rock hasn't surpassed Hogan, Flair, Bret, Macho, HBK, Taker or even HHH as far as ring value or championship value is concerned.

    Jericho was just there to have an angle match with Punk plain and simple. HBK and HHH has tapped at mania before, more than once. Both to the same man, Cena. So according to your logic, what does that tell you?
  6. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by justinc
    Guess you don't remember Jericho going over Austin and Rock on the same night to become the unified champ.
    Neither win was clean...or did you seem to forget that little tidbit?
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    Cm punk will never be better than Chris Jericho NEVER!!! and the reason for that is Jericho has been wrestling for yrs and has always put on great wrestling matches and his promos were awesome as well, as for Cm Punk what has he done great since his famous shoot of last year OK!! let me start he talked trash about John Cena which I liked, then he talked shit about the Mcmahons family personal lives, then had an ok match with Triple H and then from there he just becamse another John Cena holding a mic in his hands and telling the fans how great they are instead of focusing on the opponent like allot of great wrestlers did and not kiss ass to fans to get a lil pop. Cm Punk is a great wrestling entertainer but not even close to being the best
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