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  1. If WWE Wrestlers were MLB Franchises

    Major League Baseball's spring season is in full swing, and I'm really bored, so I've decided to assign each WWE Wrestler (no Divas) to a MLB Franchise. The criteria are probably pretty vague and there might be times where I don't have much reasoning (gut calls). Without further ado:

    American League

    New York Yankees -- John Cena
    Reasoning: I don't get why I have ...
    Tags: mlb, romanflare, wwe
  2. The Smackdown Chamber: What No Orton means.

    Spoilers, spoilers: Randy Orton is out of the Chamber because of an injury suffered during/after his match with the Big Show on Monday Night Raw--and he's already been replaced via a Smackdown show. So the new roster is:

    Daniel Bryan (C)
    Wade Barrett
    Cody Rhodes
    Big Show
    Great Khali

    What a chamber, right? If you can't tell, the roster ...

    Updated 02-16-2012 at 12:08 AM by RomanFlare

  3. Where are they now?: PPV Main Event Winners

    Going from the Royal Rumble to TLC, I'm going to look at the Main Event Winners from each 2011 PPV and look in on where they are now and how I feel so far removed from the PPVs. Main Event means Last Match on the Card.

    Royal Rumble: Alberto Del Rio (Royal Rumble Match)
    Then: Royal Rumble winner! IT IS HIS DESTINY TO GO ON TO WRESTLEMANIA!

    Now: Wrestlemania loss, Money ...
  4. My Take on the WWE Ratings Problem

    I'll make this short and sweet--the WWE is missing something hard to notice, but monstrous problem when you do see it. A few clues to see if you can notice it.

    • HHH was one of the better ones.
    • Nexus and Wade Barrett SHOULD have been this.
    • Mark Henry was almost there, but his groin pull might've stopped him.

    Figure it out?

    Unstoppable Heel. HHH as ...

    Updated 12-26-2011 at 08:06 PM by RomanFlare

  5. Only Viable Cena Turn

    Since you actually clicked this, I can safely assume that you didn't just roll your eyes at another "Cena Heel Turn" blog. Bare with me on this one as I think it is actually a great way for Cena to turn heel and actually shows that, if the WWE did do this, they are well aware of their own faults.

    1) Put the WWE Championship Match, containing Champion Punk, after The Rock vs ...
  6. What John Cena's role should be at TLC.

    John Cena has no match at TLC. That's highly surprising as it feels like he's been on every PPV possible (barring injury) fighting at least one other person. But this PPV might break that run. But I know the perfect role for John Cena at this PPV and it's NOT sitting in the back watching like a good man.

    John Cena should be the Special Guest Referee in the Ziggler vs. Ryder title match. ...
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