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  1. thesurety's Avatar
    Such a waste of Joey Mercury's awesome hair. For god's sake the could have put M&M back together, but no we have to see morrison and R-GOOF,

    The only I miss is serena, i want to fuck her and rub her bald head at the same time....she probably got fired because she didn't shave everything
  2. ch.brooks24's Avatar
    Spot on my friend. I think what happend here was that they never saw Gallows, Joseph, or Serena as future "Main Players" in the company. So therefore, they never even attempted to make them look like anything more then weak lackies. And by doing so, it made the group look weak as a whole. WWE is all about looking for the next big individual player. Thats it. Thats there only goal. They give someone a look, determine wether or not they got main event potential, and then your typecast from that point on as either a future main eventer or a nobody. Which is why tag teams are, more or less, non-existent and the few tag teams that do exist dont get any recognition. Also, as Im sure you've noticed, if there ever is a successful tag team that comes along and gets over with the crowd, it only becomes a matter of time before they get seperated so they can try and ride that wave as individuals.

    Anyway, back to the SES. As I was saying, they never saw the other members as future main players. So they never booked them strong. Instead of looking at the group as a whole and realizing the potential they had as a group, they looked at them each individualy, realized they didn't have what it takes to make it as main event players on their own, and buried them.

    Its pretty plain and simple if you think about. Put this stable into any other company out there that has diversity and creativity in its booking and this group gets over big time. Put this stable into a company that only cares about creating future world champions and this stable fails.
  3. Y2LUUK's Avatar
    Thought of it the same way. Damn, was I disappointed when thing started to get messed up in the SES and they started a feud with the Big Show. I think it is totally stupid, I repeat, totally stupid to have SES feud with Big Show, while people like Christian are just sitting in the back without any storyline whatsoever. And also to have Big Show completely destroy SES! He took off 2 masks in no-time! I think CM Punk and Christian could have some awesome matches and a great storyline, so I hope WWE will eventually do this in the future. What bothered me as well, was the fact that they held zero titles! Why not have CM Punk and Luke Gallows win the Tag Titles instead of Shomiz? That could add some credibility, and also have a feud with Hart Dynasty sounds attractive to me.
    So basically IMO what went wrong:
    - no titles
    - feud with big show

    however, I completely agree with you on CM Punk. He is my top-favourite Superstar on SD!

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