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  1. WWE Raw: Nottingham House Show Report

    Raw House Show Report - Nottingham

    The place was about 90% full and most of the arena was full of John Cena fans.

    Match 1 - Singles Match
    RTruth Def. Alex Riley
    Good match to get the crowd pumped, RTruth came out to Whats Up?

    Match 2 - Tag Team Match
    Santino and Kozlov def. The Uso's
    A comedy match that was preceded by a Dance ...
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  2. Pro Wrestling: My View

    Ok so after seeing TNA fans ranting on against WWE "marks" and vica versa I have started to get fed up with the whole thing. I am a WWE man through and through, I'm not ashamed to admit that, but it doesn't mean I don't like TNA. Heck I watch TNA Impact every Sunday morning after I've recorded it on Bravo, but I grew up watching WWE and that is where my heart lies regardless of the state ...
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  3. WWE: Plenty of Room for Improvement

    Here are my opinions on what the WWE can do to improve their shows and company.

    Idea 1: Change the announcing
    Bring back JR from his current backstage job and have him on the announce table again (Raw). Then to keep the numbers on two get rid of King, because in my opinion his talking is becoming boring and same old same old. Then bring Matt Striker over from SD to be JR's partner ...

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  4. My Summerslam Thoughts

    Hello once again everybody, with Summerslam behind us now I thought I would give you all my thoughts on the 23rd annual Summerslam PPV.

    Match 1 - IC Title
    Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler

    Going into this match I wasn't that bothered about it, the two had already battled numerous times on Smackdown and I wasn't looking forward to yet another match on PPV. The screwy ...
  5. The difference between TNA and WWE

    Hello once again everybody, earlier this morning I sat in my living room watching my weekly Sunday dose of Pro Wrestling. With me living in the UK, TNA is shown on Saturday nights (Or at least the one I watch is on Saturdays) so I record it and watch it Sunday before I watch WWE Experience. Well today I saw the "Whole f'n Show" version of Impact. It was a great show with an amazing match ...
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    Thoughts and Opinions
  6. My Summerslam predictions

    Ok so with WWE's Summerslam right around the corner I thought I'd post my predictions here for all you guys to see, and feel free to share your thoughts and your own predictions.

    WWE Championship
    Sheamus(c) vs. Randy Orton

    My Prediction - Sheamus wins via pinfall

    My Thoughts - In my opinion it would destroy Sheamus' momentum for the WWE to ...
  7. What happens to Nexus if they lose?

    At long last WWE SummerSlam is finally here, the second biggest PPV second only to Wrestlemania itself. Every year WWE "try" and pull out all the stops for this PPV to top off what has been for the past few years a great summer. Last year saw Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk in a TLC match, Undertaker's return, The Miz vs John Cena which had great build up but a huge downfall unfortunately, the return ...
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