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    i drink the wwe koolaid, U MAD?
  2. The Doorman's Avatar
    Honestly, I like watching NXT. But I think your way is great, not putting down the way they do NXT though. I mean I really dont care how they run it, I'll probably watch it anyway.
  3. Rassling_Fan's Avatar
    There is a few problems with this format that only works on American Idol...
    1- 6-8 Weeks before voting with an hour episode each and 9 workers? If there is three matches per show, then that'll be 18-24 matches per week. That means we would see almost all the possible one on one match ups by that time (and if we include various match types, that'll be all of them).
    2- 3 Judges who doubles as mentors to 3 of them each? And if they count for 20% of the votes, then (storyline wise) favoritism will arise. You saw that with Season one from Jericho himself with Wade Barrett.
    3- One of your judges is JR, who is not a wrestler. Which is the same problem with Vickie right now.
    4- You know why American Idol works? It's because it's target demographic likes music and the chance to decide the next pop idol would get them interested. By letting the judges be part of the decision, that'll negate the idea of audience deciding to choose who'll be the next wrestler.
    5- Finally, wasn't this Tough Enough?
  4. mitch176's Avatar
    well arsenhole is an asshole cuz he doesn't know what he's talking about. This whole blog was actually a very good idea, I like your NXT sooo much better than McMahon's NXT.
  5. arsenhole's Avatar
    get you're facts straight this will not be over in 4 weeks the first elimination is in 4 weeks this whole blog is dumb
  6. WF™ - Original Member!'s Avatar
    You're missing the point slightly, I intentionally left off the talent roster as it can easily just degenerate and lose the whole point of the blog, as for SuperStars, its taped during the RAW and SmackDown! tapings so its hardly a big strain on WWE funds, I'd actually like to see that show revamped to though to be honest.

    I'd love to see SmackDown! go live on Thursday's but again thats not the real point of the blog, the point was to change the show as much as possible and give it a separate feel to it from RAW without causing to much disruption
  7. welch421's Avatar
    First of all i think The Miz should become world heavyweight champ over on Smackdown.
    Then i would move it back to Thursday night and make it live. And to afford to make it live get rid of wwe superstars show because lets be honest, superstars is a waste of an hour. They hardly ever have anygood wrestlers on there and it is a waste of money.
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