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    Wrave. You need a lesson in Wrastling History. WCW died because it was just a money pit after they lost the war to WWF. They hired all old WWF guys for TOO MUCH MONEY. Do we see a pattern here in TNA, I think so. The following is a list of guys that should be taken off TV IMMEDIATELY AND FIRED to make TNA better.

    Jeff Jarrett (creative role)
    Kurt Angle (creative role/manager)
    Sting (love him, but his time is done)
    RVD (Unless you turn him heel, he bores me as a face)
    Borash - he tries too hard to be Ryan Seacrest and no wrestling fan likes Ryan Seacrest
    Taz & Tenay - Both blithering losers
    Ric Flair should ONLY be a mouthpiece like Mr. Fuji, nothing more, EVER
    Devon & Ray can stay as singles, more Ray though as he does a good job
    Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy can go home and do their crappy internet show with Shannon Moore who can go home too, guys who are drug abusers should not be setting examples for kids.
    Re-Package Gunner & Murphy into something but drop the Television/Legends Title as it is stupid.
    Karen Angle & Mick Foley - Bye Bye
    Rob Terry - Too many steroids, you're fired
    Orlando Jordan - the gay thing doesn't work in wrestling, sorry bro, not against gays, change the character and you stay
    Scott Steiner - Loved you, but your time is also past
    Tommy Dreamer - Washed up.

    Get some other younger guys who have the look and the mic skills, and are willing to put in HARD WORK to learn the business.

    Then have storylines that MAKE SENSE. God, Fourtune is THEY, boy did that suck. Don't have your storylines leaked until YOU HAVE THE PLAYERS SIGNED FOR IT.
  2. Rassling_Fan's Avatar
    Ted Turner didn't give up on WCW.

    As others have said, the decision to sell WCW was because of the AOL Merger. They took most of the power away from him and decided to sell it off because it was wasting more money than it was making. If this situation repeated with TNA, Dixie would be in Turner's same position.
  3. candlelarbra5212's Avatar
    I think there is a common misconception about how WCW ended. Long story short it was a bunch of things but mainly a Time Warner didn't want a wrestling company, especially one that was failing, when the merged with AOL. If WCW were making huge cash they MIGHT have kept them.

    Recipie for TNA in 7 easy steps
    Keep things simple. Don't create majorly compicated storylines.
    Don't use decade old dogs who have reached the limit.
    Make your own stars!
    Give the goddam show some production values.
    Most importantly get Jeff to rehab, of drugs, out of court and a face. Then get another WWE star, IN THEIR PRIME. (Edge Ortan Cena)
    Finally, grow a sack, stop letting the seasoned vets do whatever the hell they like, most of their ideas are shit anyway.
  4. HCollins-TNA1's Avatar
    Ted Turner had little to do with WCW going out of business or the sale to WWE..... Thus Ted turner didn't give up on WCW it was the suits and ties and Jamie Kellner who sold WCW....
    This to me seems to be misinformed , uninformed, bias opinion!!!!
    As for it being like WCW, well maybe what it was in 2000 for a while....But that it was... Otherwise WCW did good numbers.....
    I can't diss Dixie Carter cause she a smart person, or at least i can see she is..... Russo he's been writing for so long, sure he have some crappy ideas, but that any writer.. As for Bischoff he's a smart man if he has any power things will start to shake..... As for Hogan well, he's Hogan and he got the biggest ego in wrestling...

    As for TNA using old WWE wrestlers sometimes it needed to bring experience in and build the company around establish stars as well as home growen talent....
  5. therealdegenerate's Avatar
    tna, just like wcw, reminds me of a veteran football team. A whole bunch of old and experienced players may be good for a while but eventually the cost will run them into the ground. WCW experienced it and TNA is in the midst of it. Just look at this list; RVD, Anderson, Sting, Hogan, Bischoff, both Hardy's, Angle, and Flair. These men were used to having million dollar contracts and there is no way they are wrestling for much less.
  6. pwdrfngr's Avatar
    It's a bit strange to say WWE is racist when TNA hasn't had an African-American world champion since Ron Killings in 2004, while Booker T's last reign in WWE was in 2006.
  7. WTF's Avatar
    Rob Van Dam held the world title and the ECW title at the same time I believe. Not to dispute your point as I am glad there was a place for RVD to go. I am glad to see him back in the game.
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