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  1. The Ladder was knocked out from under us

    Today is 1/25/11, and I had to sleep on this before writing this week's blog.

    Last night's Raw had almost everything right that WWE needed to do to give us the show we wanted. Great build up, so fun story telling, hell even character development and energy for feuds. It also let me down worse than a Kizarny promo (side note, he has popped up in CHIKARA, and being used right it seems). ...
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  2. The Gathering of the Flock for 2011?

    Today is 1/27/2011, and I am being hopeful for WWE this year. Tonight's RAW was exactly what we needed, and now seeing Punk truly taking flight.

    I will get to that more in a bit, but first, why this is what we are needing. Yes it started about Cena, but it evolved to again, being about the belt. And with the Rumble coming up where all the drama is being tossed into one big ole match ...
  3. What does 2011 need? Why 1997!

    Well we are now in the Attitude Adjustment Era...and so far it is about a B-. From Super Cena, to talent being wasted, to stories that could have been amazing only to fall short (or have 23 chairs fall on them), to HHH STILL being in the previews even though he has been out longer than Eric Escobar's entire WWE career, it is just a semi muddled mess...

    Now there have been some good ...
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