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Tai Night

  1. How can the WWE Women's Division be better?

    After wrestlers like Trish, Lita, Chyna, Jazz had left the ring, the WWE Women's Division has become nothing more than a joke! Every now and then a jewel or two will pop up in the Women's Division such as Mickie James, Victoria and now AJ Lee. But other than that, there haven't really been much to look forward to and when there is, it's because the Female talent is latching onto one of the top Male ...
  2. Cena: Leader of The Nexus

    After reading some info on this site about what they are going to do with the Cena and Nexus storyline, I am hella mad. Why would they do that? Instead of letting Cena just turn on them why not let his slowly accept their way of thinking.

    He would slowly see that with the power of Nexus he could run WWE. He would work his way into Nexus slowly but surly pushing Wade out of the picture ...
  3. How WWE Ruined The Big Red Machine.

    Well I must say, I am very impress with what I have seen lately with Kane. I just wonder why WWE have waited so long to used this very talent Superstar? He has the mic skills and the ability to put on a show.

    So why wait so long to give him a major championship? This is how I would have done it. Once Kane came back and was able to talk I would have been building up his reputation. ...

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  4. Is it the Attitude Era?

    I have been a long time WWF/E fan since the first time I've watched Stone Cold Steven Austin open a can of whip ass on Triple H, which would start my long and everlasting hate for his character.

    Now that the Attitude Era is over I feel like WWE have drop the ball, but not because the Super Star must watch what they say or blood is not allowed to be shown in the match. Hell, chair shot ...

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