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    Don't get me wrong: I appreciate Sting trying to change his character just like I do for Ryder trying to get his push. But both just come off as annoying. Sting would have hit a home run with this gimmick if he had stuck with his "deception"-style promos he cut during his feud with RVD. THAT Sting was awesome. But this Sting? He just comes off as a goofy Jim Carey. A for effort, though.
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    Much like Chris Masters, McIntyre was given a push too early. However, I've been astounded by his work on Superstars as of late. He's really proven his worth to me. As for Baretta, he's a mighty fine talent. But as with Tyson Kidd, I couldn't really call him "the future". You're right that he'd fare well in the Cruiserweight or X-Division; but I just can't see him taking it to the next level. In other words, he reminds me a lot of Paul London.
  3. Renevious's Avatar
    Good blog, but I'm not sure I agree with Drew McIntyre. It seems like he's been handed as big a push as someone in his position could get on a silver platter, and in my opinion he failed to deliver. He was supposed to be Vince's golden boy, but to me he just always comes off as boring. Anyway, I liked most of your list, but I would definitely add Trent Berretta. He definitely has potential if they were to give him a decent gimmick. He's also another one of those guys who can make the case for WWE needing to bring back the cruiserweight title. It would allow so many of these younger and smaller guys a chance to really shine.
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    wow, 2 guys who base their username on Sting bash a guy just cause he makes a comment about Sting's Joker gimmick. Aside from that totally agree with you about Husky Harris, he should be ruling the mid-card right now.
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    Wow, way to rip on the legendary one, Sting for no apparent reason other than him trying out a different gimmick. I'm with Theicon on his one.
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    Was a good blog until you ripped sting? you obviously have too much time on your hands & basically no-lifer springs to mind lol
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    "The New Horror" Sami Callihan. This dude puts on some awesome matches. He can do the hardcore thing but watch his dragons gate stuff and it turns out he can put on a great match without the hardcore stuff. Brutal style, cuts a sick promo, and wrestles a hell of a match.
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