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  1. Hell In A Cell Prediction Results!!

    Cracking result for me here. 1st place again. Cut Dennis's overall lead down to just 6 now! Come on!

    Many thanks to Cabers for doing these still. I did quite a few at the start of the year and no how long they take to calculate.
    Much appreciated
  2. Booking Extreme Rules 2013

    Hey Guys & Dolls ,

    Here is how I would book the top 3 matches for Extreme Rules 2013!
    Please enjoy and leave feedback.
    Let me know what you like/dislike?
    What would you do?
    Many Thanks,

    Extreme Rules Match For The WWE Championship
    John Cena © Vs Ryback

    Build-Up: Ryback hits his finisher on Cena following ...

    Updated 04-12-2013 at 11:08 AM by Frank

  3. Booking Wrestlemania 29 – The Card That Never Was! Part 1

    Booking Wrestlemania 29 – The Card That Never Was

    Hey Guys & Dolls
    With Wrestlemania soon upon us, I felt this inner urge to book MY event and show upon the world the realistic wonders that could have been.
    Please remember this is my combinations about what I'd like to see, what was realistically possible, and what would draw money!
    I encourage you to leave comments

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