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  1. Hell in a Cell Review

    Quote from Jim Ross.. Hell in a cell has only been used 22 times in the history of the WWE, my question is, How many times of the times have been because of this waste of time PPVover the last few years????

    i remember back in the day when hell in a cell was thee ultimate way and the last resort to ending a fued, only when all other possibilities had been explored was hell in a cell ...

    Updated 10-02-2011 at 11:31 PM by Frank

  2. How do you improve a billion dollar business??

    The WWE obviously is a well oiled machine as its has a long and successful history, outlasting many of its competitors; but my question to you is how can it become better?

    Any business should look and improving and my personal opinion is the wwe could;
    Firstly, remove the split roster policy and have one giant roster for both Raw and Smackdown! This wouldnt only improve the watchability ...

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