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Mr. McMahon

  1. Wrestlers who should have won Royal Rumble

    This blog is about wrestlers who I think should have won a past Royal Rumble instead of the person that actually won it. It will also list how I would book the wrestler at Wrestlemania. I think it would have been better if it actually went this way.

    Original Winner: Mr. McMahon
    My Pick: The Rock
    Since The Rock faced Stone Cold at WrestleMania that year, I ...

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  2. Freshening John Cena's gimmick without turning heel.

    People have said that turning Cena heel will freshen his gimmick, however here I will list how they can freshen him up and make him stay face and win the crowd over.

    First he will have to change his gimmick up a little. Someone is getting a beatdown in the ring and people are chanting for Cena to come to the rescue, however he doesn't. He says that he should mind his ...

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  3. Top 5 WWE/WWF Tag Teams

    Everything in this blog entry is clearly my opinion and not based on fact.
    This is a list of my favourite 5 all time tag teams.

    This list is not about who has better on the mic or in the ring, but who I personally found more entertaining. I don't care if they are the best wrestlers but if they are boring then I don't count them, I only added those who I enjoyed watching and who ...

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