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    Its true about bischoff: he's controversial an arrogant dick and a heel. What he brought to the wwe whether you liked or hated the guy, people tuned in hoping just to see eric bischoff get his ass kicked each and every week.

    Now im not extensive with my history with Bitchoff, but I can't recall a time or place in wwe/wcw history where he was EVER a face. For the most part, he was rather hated a lot by the wrestling talent back in the WCW days when it came to business and people not getting viable screen time.

    None if the current or former GM's have that natural ability to do what he did on getting serious legitimate heat, Vickie guerrero comes close and what she's done to get heat everytime is pretty amazing in my book.

    But no, if anyone could do what erics done as a GM that we can really hate, it could only be paul haymen, he too in much respects is like eric. But the thing with Haymen is that you can love or hate the guy. He has been a heel and a face in his time but he also knows the wrestling business just as good as eric perhaps even better.

    however he is currently being used as a manager for the likes of lesnar and Curtis axel, but I wouldn't mind him being a gm as well. If anyone deserves the screen time to get the crowd to hate him or to even watch the wrestling product more its him.
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    Harsh comments from some on here. I understand what you're on about.

    The GMs that WWE are trying to use simply aren't big enough. No one wants to see Guerrero or Maddox on the show in six segments a night. People WANTED to see Bischoff because he was a great heel. People WANT to see Hogan which is why he works as a GM for TNA. It's not a case of booking it's a case of the character needing to be part of the show. Steve Austin is a good example: The sheriff thing was stupid, but Steve Austin was someone we all wanted to see.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Piper
    If you think WWE sucks, then fuck off and don't watch, calling it bad just makes you look like an ass for watching
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    Stupid blog. Why spend at least five hours a week watching a program just to whine and moan about how much it sucks?

    I've been a fan for around 13 years and yeah, it's not what it used to be, but I'd stop watching the product if I came anywhere near to disliking it enough to write a pointless blog about it. Alot of the aspects can be predictable and/or repetitive, for example: "We're gunna have a tag-team match!" But the amount of idiots who come on here and think they could make it all instantly better is beyond.

    We still watch it for the unpredictable, exciting moments which pop up, and for the moments they acknowledge the fans who care and not those who slate the product because they think they're bigger than it. Take Orton's MITB win for example; few people predicted a win for him. Most of the IWC put their money on Bryan, maybe even RVD. Ziggler's WHC win before his concussion, along with Bryan being No.1 contender, show they do take fans' opinions on board from time to time.

    Coming from a long-time lover of WWE, I'll be the first to admit I miss the good ol' days when HHH, 'Taker, Angle, Austin etc were in their prime, but younger talent like Ziggler, Bryan, Rollins, Rhodes, Ambrose, Sandow, Orton and many more make it still fun to watch. It's just the amount of close-minded, stuck-in-the-past idiots that come on here to moan just because Bischoff isn't around, or because Cena is champ again (from an anti-cena character guy), is getting boring. You're just as predictable as you claim the show to be.

    Move the fuck on.
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    This is an interesting blog. I agree and disagree with some of the points made. Nevertheless, it got me thinking. I started thinking about TNA and how they handle having a GM. This once again confirmed my view as to why WWE is superior to TNA. Here me out...

    Pertaining to WWE: So you don't like the revolving door of the Raw GM....I understand. The computer, AJ, Vickie, Brad Maddox and probably a million others over the last few years I am failing to mention. Regardless, WWE recognizes that "authority figures" go stale real fast. As a result, they continue to replace them. Other than VKM during the attitude era, there has not really been that great of an authority figure that the fans would love to have back. As a result, I assume we will continue seeing the Raw GM replaced on a regular basis.

    Pertaining to TNA: Personally, I feel Dixie and Hogan become intolerable to watch. Dixie has for the most part removed herself from television so I will not hate on her. However, Hogan is a different story. I admit that Hogan is still a draw and helps sell tickets. However, Hogan is on TV more than Jeff Hardy who is TNA's top draw. You would never see this in WWE. Just imagine if the Raw GM was getting more TV time than Cena.
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    "Let them be the GM for a long time, possibly 2 years and be involved almost in every single thing that happens on RAW" What a great fucking idea. Have the GM be on RAW most of the time for the next 2 years. Not like he would get stale, and not like you would be fired from WWE for such a stupid idea.
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    You say they need someone like Eric Bischoff, but Bischoff was a great heel because he was WWE's ultimate enemy when he came in and kept that momentum up for his entire tenure with WWE. Bischoff is unique in that he truly came close to killing WWE.
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