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Mr. McMahon

  1. Why WWE Sucks - Part 1: The General Manager

    I thought I would do a blog series different than others and something I have wanted to do for years but never found the time or motivation. This blog series I call 'Why WWE Sucks' and in each blog entry I will list a reason for their failures and a possible solution. Let's face it, WWE has so many issues that you can write an entire book or two on it. Instead of boring people to death with a book, ...
  2. Wrestlers who should have won Royal Rumble

    This blog is about wrestlers who I think should have won a past Royal Rumble instead of the person that actually won it. It will also list how I would book the wrestler at Wrestlemania. I think it would have been better if it actually went this way.

    Original Winner: Mr. McMahon
    My Pick: The Rock
    Since The Rock faced Stone Cold at WrestleMania that year, I ...

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  3. Freshening John Cena's gimmick without turning heel.

    People have said that turning Cena heel will freshen his gimmick, however here I will list how they can freshen him up and make him stay face and win the crowd over.

    First he will have to change his gimmick up a little. Someone is getting a beatdown in the ring and people are chanting for Cena to come to the rescue, however he doesn't. He says that he should mind his ...

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  4. Top 5 WWE/WWF Tag Teams

    Everything in this blog entry is clearly my opinion and not based on fact.
    This is a list of my favourite 5 all time tag teams.

    This list is not about who has better on the mic or in the ring, but who I personally found more entertaining. I don't care if they are the best wrestlers but if they are boring then I don't count them, I only added those who I enjoyed watching and who ...

    Updated 10-17-2011 at 04:53 PM by Mr. McMahon

  5. WWE needs to get rid of commericals during matches

    I talk about commercials during matches and the solution to them.

    One thing that I still can't stand is those fucking commercial breaks during matches, it happens during almost all matches and I hate it. I'd rather have a 3 minute segment with hornswoggle than a commercial break between a match. I understand that breaks are needed but not when you are really interested in a match, it ...
  6. Return of WCW full time!

    First of all, everything in this blog is the use of my imagination and has no connection with any current or future genuine WWE plans. That being said this is just a small fantasy I have created in the back of my mind, just a ‘what if’ I was in control of WWE kind of thing. That being said let’s continue.

    Some people were critical of WWE’s version of ECW, that it was destroying the ...
  7. How I would book the Big Show

    Let’s face it; Big Show is arguably the largest athlete in the world and maybe even in the entire wrestling history. He has also been boxing for years which makes him one of the toughest guys outside the ring. If WWE was real, I don’t think anyone would be albe to defeat Big Show, not only cause of his size but also his boxing background, he would knock you out cold.

    Which brings ...
  8. Cena's Stale Story lines

    I am so sick of Cena being in the same damn storyline, playing the same damn role week after week, month after month, year after year, feud after feud.

    Whatever happened to different storylines?

    If you haven't figured it out, this is exactly what storyline Cena is involved in the whole time:

    The person he is feuding with (heel) makes fun of Cena because ...

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  9. One Roster - Why the brand extension needs to go!

    I believe its run its course, the brand extension is pretty much a joke in this day and age. It's about time to merge the rosters again. This will give us new feuds, all our favs in one show and more time to build hype (2 shows a week to continue storyline, rather than 1 a week, so that's 8 episodes to hype up a ppv match instead of the typical 4).

    Here is the reason why this will work ...

    Updated 05-11-2011 at 04:51 PM by Mr. McMahon

  10. Future Wrestlemania Locations.

    I don't know I am just bored so decided to predict future WrestleMania locations, you may or may not agree, anyways:

    WrestleMania 29: East Rutherford, NJ, USA (why not? they haven't done NJ in a long time)
    WrestleMania 30: Boston, MA, USA (do one in Cena's state while he is in his prime)
    WrestleMania 31: San Francisco, CA, USA (one for the east coast)
    WrestleMania ...

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