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    Quote Originally Posted by Rassling_Fan
    Sting changed his gimmick from the "Beach Sting" to the Sting we all know and... know now. So isn't that saying he DID take Vince McMahon's advice and changed his gimmick to make it sellable? Compare original Sting to current Sting and you'll see more people recognize the Darker one.
    First off, that was about 10 years maybe even longer before he made the change. and he was in WCW, not the WWE. Vince would have never created that specific character, let alone the name "Sting". He wanted to remove the name, because he thought it would remind people of the other "Sting"...the musician. Years laters Ric Flair told Sting he should try to go and work for McMahon, but Sting never would. Do I think he should have tried? yes I do, but not at this point of his career.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The New Guy
    Sting is one of the worst buisnessman ever!!!
    He's not only working for less money, his working at a conpany that owns the rights to the decline of his career. Sting has been nothing more than a nostalgia act in tna. And he doesn't want to go to the place that can make him a star again putting him in video games, dvds, the hall of fame?

    I respect the decision of the man to not step inside a wwe ring, but he's a tool
    Many do Think that, But even Jim Ross pointed out that he is coming to the end of his career, and in TNA he has alot of control in his career. In the WWE he would loose alot of control, and would have to leave his "comfort zone". Why risk that when he is going to be done with his career within a year or so? As I stated in my blog, if he came to the WWE he would be the real "tool". Yea maybe the marketing aspect is twice as good in WWE, but that's a small price to pay for your pride.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrestling Rant
    All I'm going to say is that TNA just blatant out right copied WWEs promo. They dont even try to disguise this. Perhaps this is a tongue in cheek promo as TNA knows all about the hype surrounding Sting and 2-21-11 so they copied it to show say "hey guess what Sting isnt going anywhere, we have Sting."

    --Wrestling Rant
    Oh I agree, I kinda thought it was funny...cheesy but funny. I kinda wish TNA would focus on doing their own stuff, rather than trying to stick it to the WWE every week. But that's Russo for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by caper48
    Do you think sting would be who is today if he stayed with the beach sting persona I don't. What has made sting a so called legend is this dark mysterius character that just hung from the rafters and didn't do anything and would wrestle every once in a while. He hasn't wrestle full time 15+ years. In my opinion he doesn't deserve to be mentioned with the undertaker, hbk and hhh those 3 love the business of wrestling, sting i think is just like hogan and flair it is all about the money. I know i will get ripped a new one for this but it is the truth and if you look at his career you will see what i mean.
    Well I do Agree that the "Crow" Sting is much better, that wasn't my point. however If you think that HBK, HHH, and the Undertaker are not about the mobney, you apperently don't know crap about the buisness. For one. TNA may be paying him well, but nowhere as well as the WWE would pay him. And if you want to talk about wrestling "full time" let's look at the Undertaker. Now I have nothing but respect for the guy, but he takes plenty of breaks over the years, wether it was injuries, or for other reasons. I think Sting is just as good as any other wrestler you mentioned. I find it funny how you idolized all the current WWE guys and trashed all the others. Make note of this: EVERY Wrestler in the main circuits are in it for the money! Wether it's the Miz, Cena, Orton, Taker Flair, From TNA to WWE they ALL want Money!
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    Sadly, The Undertaker vs. Sting will forever be in that pantheon of immortal (no pun intended) match ups that are never going to take place for a variety of reasons.

    Sting doesn't need to money, if he's invested it well over time, which would be disappointing if he didn't, but you really have to ask yourself; Why is he still in the business?

    Is it for the fans? For the money? (Which he probably doesn't need), or is it to outlast Vince a little longer on his ''come to WWE'' offer.

    In Closing, if Sting did go the WWE, he wouldn't technically be making more money than he would with TNA, and that's because he's not working with a year long contract; Unless Vince pays his a million right off the bat.
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    Don't give me the garbage that Sting took Vince's advice about changing his gimmick he didn't.
    If Sting was just in it for the money , he surely would be in the WWE, but as we can see he's not and it isn't about the money.
    If it was he would just sign, lose to Taker get his ring, and rest comfortably, on the money coming in from all the dvd sales.
    Telling me that HHH loves the business ....yeah he loves the money he is making.
    Steve did what was best for him and his family and he is called a tool......
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    Here's how it really is, kids. As someone who knows Steve, he's a family man now. He and Dixie Carter get along very well, and she pays him handsomely for his work. He gets to be around his family, work 5 days A MONTH. If she pays him $500,000 a year (probably more like $350,000), he makes nearly $8,500 a day. Not too shabby. With the E, he's working more like 150-200 dates a year.

    I know you all want to see him in the ring with The Undertaker, Triple H, Cena, Orton, etc. etc. etc. Bottom line, if he WANTED to, he would have by now.

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