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    Also I think SpikeTV/Viacom played a big role in getting Sting to resign with TNA!!!!
    How much would one want to bet that Spike TV shelled out some money for Sting????
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    Only thing I wonder after the past 2 or 3 weeks who is the Network????
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    Wow! Now After watching the 3-3-11 Impact I KNOW Sting made the right choice! no way in hell would the WWE give him a title at this point in his career! While back in TNA, Sting just won the TNA World Title!
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    Quote Originally Posted by maar13
    And probably Vince was laughting it off.

    Seriously while Sting doesn't have to or need to go to WWE to cement his Legacy, reallity is WWE does not need Sting at all, yes would have been cool to have him there but is not needed at all.
    I'm sure both sides laughed at the Promo....
    Sting/Dixie/Vince Russo
    Vince McMahon
    But actually WWE does need Sting to say every top star from WCW days has worked in the WWE in some way!!!! But it doesn't look very likely!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by maar13
    I thing you really have the wrong I dea of why Sting didn't when to the WWE. You might say they won't push older talent but I thing with Sitng for a brief period of time they would have made the exception. Proof of that is Goldberg.

    Before everyone jumps and say Goldberg was threated like garbage by WWE let's make that straigth OK?

    First of, from the interviews I have read is that they treated him like crap and tried to bury him, but if you take a look at his record, the guy was pretty impressive in a year, and everyone and his mother put him over (including HHH) big, that in the end HHH got his title back it was just one match, but even there he went out looking like a million bucks (yes, stunner by Austin but he defeated Brock in a crap match) and please just tell who in Hell got benefit from working with him? absolutely nobody, everyone became Goldberg's bitch and still the guy believe he was threated like crap.

    Something similar would have happened with Sting, yes maybe he would have lost to The Undertaker, but maybe only that night, you take it like WWE is an evil COmpany that will bury all that they have not created and that is not true, Goldberg is proof of that and within time so it was with Benoit and Eddie Guerrero.

    You can say "hey, look at Christian" but on that note, Christian was threated like that even before he left, same with Gail Kim.

    Non of the talent I mentioned before is as big of a deal as Sting is so WWE would treat him right.

    Were do you get they wil bury him and make him work like a horse? Even if you compare schedules, Taker worked way more dates back then than Goldberg and they worked around it nicely so with Sting if given the chance it would be no different.

    Also, why do they own him a Spot into their Hall of Fame? Seriously. Yes he was force in the 90s but he refused to go there everytime and why? because the gimmick thing? give me a break, He got to glory when he changed that gimmick to the Darker Sting.

    The WWE would have treated Sting well and the only reason why you justify his choice (Something that does not need to be justified) is because in reallity you don't want him in WWE now.

    Why he does not need to be justified because Sting is part of Wrestling History, period.

    He made the right choice for him, and it was not just about the money but about his familiy and as Ross put it, his "Comfort Zone" and there is nothing wrong with that. Yes it would have been cool to see him had a match with The Undertaker but well, that was Stng decision and no he is not a Dumbass, He is a legend anyway so it doesn't matter where works, the good thing he is still working and is in good physical condition, makes a lot of money and his family is OK, that is all that matters.
    I don't doubt that that Sting is worthy of a big payoff. I've discussed this topic on my talk show "WrestleDOWN" at www.thewrestlegamershow on Wednesday nights (plug) But if he went to the WWE to face The Undertaker at WM27 we all know who is going to win and who is going to lose. And for Sting's Debut match on the biggest stage of them all is a pretty big pill to swallow. Goldberg left at WrestleMania, and was there for about a year. If Sting did the same thing, that would be cool. At least then he could lose with some dignity. But coming right in a few weeks before, is just crazy for anyone at his age.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TakerMania
    Wow what a lame ass blog

    Go kill your self please
    Well Lady's and Gentlement, apparently TakerMania had nothing else to say but BAAAA!!!! BAAA!!! BAAAA!!! As he was the #1 Sheep leading he heard.

    Next time if your gonna insult me...please try to witty, I cant stand utter stupidity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gokhanx99
    Realy u think those lame ass movies hogan did paved the way. REALY? the fact is cena should be thanking him and the rest whohavebeen in movies in the last 5 years. And that my friend is true.
    I won't disagreee with you that Cena had some great movies (although the I thought The Marine sucked ass). But the qualities the movies are really irrelevant, I was just pointing out that Dwayne did not head to Hollywood first. Hogan was first...or at least one of them.

    If we really want to say who went from wrestling to the big screen first , it's Jesse "The Body" Ventura! Granted he never played a lead role, but he always played a good role, that stood out in great movies! Movies like Predator, The Running Man, and The Demolition Man.

    Now Ventura was no great wrestler, and his time as a wrestler had long since passed. But my point still stands is that Dwayne did not deserve to take all the credit the he alone had opened opportunities for the WWE last Monday. That's all I was saying.
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