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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick Starr
    Wow! Now After watching the 3-3-11 Impact I KNOW Sting made the right choice! no way in hell would the WWE give him a title at this point in his career! While back in TNA, Sting just won the TNA World Title!
    See? Like Ross said, "Comfort zone", Stings feels very good in TNA and TNA feels Sting is a valuable asset, WWE may have treat him well but not to the extend of giving him a World Title right off the bat or maybe never, Not becuase of disrespect for Sting but for the reason that other guys with more time within the company are lined up.
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    Wow, why even think about this now? Just sit back and enjoy the show. Once Mania passes, we can deal with it.
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    "If anyone bought that load of crap I got a bridge to sell you."


    I definately agree with you though. Buddies of mine that are still into the WWE are eating it up and I'm still not sold that this whole isn't just some ploy to ensure the WrestleMania ppv buy rate is high. Its good to see The Rock back on WWE television but cameo appearences are just a tease and WWE has teased me enough. I'm waiting for something more concrete like weekly physical showdowns between The Rock and Cena and details about an actual contract.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick Starr
    I won't disagreee with you that Cena had some great movies (although the I thought The Marine sucked ass). But the qualities the movies are really irrelevant, I was just pointing out that Dwayne did not head to Hollywood first. Hogan was first...or at least one of them.

    If we really want to say who went from wrestling to the big screen first , it's Jesse "The Body" Ventura! Granted he never played a lead role, but he always played a good role, that stood out in great movies! Movies like Predator, The Running Man, and The Demolition Man.

    Now Ventura was no great wrestler, and his time as a wrestler had long since passed. But my point still stands is that Dwayne did not deserve to take all the credit the he alone had opened opportunities for the WWE last Monday. That's all I was saying.
    Not to nitpick, but Hogan was in Rocky III which was made in 1980, before Preditor, and Running Man.
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    I didn't even read your blog because of the stupidly shity faggoty gay title - This has been a John Doe comment... totally gay... faggot
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    First of all dude you said his name like 1000 times at least spell it right, Dwayne.
    Second of all I'm holding off judgment until after mania when we can see his real motivations. I agree with most of what you said but we won't know until mania and probably well after. I would consider it a return if he comes back for two or so PPVs a year but the fact WWE has to rely on a guy that doesn't even wrestle right now is just sad and really tells you where the business is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TakerMania
    Wow what a lame ass blog

    Go kill your self please
    if the undertakes was as week as your insults i think his streak would be 0-18 silly boy
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