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    sorry about the extra fan in that sentence haha
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    I used to be a huge fan of Jeff Hardy fan when I was younger, when he was a part of the Hardy Boyz back in the (then) WWF. I'm 17 now and he has really disappointed me. I mean he still has unbelievable talent in the ring but I don't believe he should have done what he did at Glory Road. I also feel that he shouldn't have been allowed to compete under his conditions. This is just my opinion. I still think Jeff is an amazing wrestler.
  3. Rendall's Avatar
    Oh and in no way was I defending TNA's actions, they are clearly in the wrong also
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    @ NaterD4 hey mate, yeah i get what you mean, but the point i was trying to get at is that when he said 'TNA are the ones that should be held for that atrocity, not Hardy'; note the fact he said 'not Hardy', as if Hardy should not be held responsible at all, that's really where I have an issue. In a typical workplace; turning up drunk is irresponsible, but most companies are greedy SOB's so to hell with them, but this situation is different as there are loyal fans involved, these people pay good money to see him, so he has a responsibility to them; that he clearly doesn't give a hoot about. But after re-reading the article I suppose I was a little harsh to call him a Jeff mark, but it just infuriates me when someone is in a position that I can only dream of; squandering it and showing so much disrespect at the same time. I think Jeff is a tool and should be sacked instantly.
  5. NaterD4's Avatar
    @ Rendall I agree with Rick on this one. Clearly if the performer is a different state of mind whether it be because of drugs, alcohol, or concussion, it should be the company's (whether it is TNA, WWE, or any independent promotion) responsiblity to protect the performer from hurting himself, the opponent, or both severely. It doesn't necessarily make him a Jeff Hardy mark.

    I do agree with your comments about Jeff Hardy that doesn't really care about his fans. If he did, he wouldn't have been on something that caused him to stumble down the ramp and up the stairs and give us one of the worst squashes if not the worst squash in pro wrestling history.
  6. SevenCagedTigers's Avatar
    So basically, the whole point of you posting this "Blog Splash" is to 1) Establish a brand presence on the internet and 2) Get free advertising to your show on popular wrestling websites.

    I'm not against a wrestling fan voicing their opinions, but I am against the thought of someone abusing the forums to display their advertising.

    I don't come on here because I'm looking to buy someone's nondescript t-shirts. I'm generally offended by the idea of reading your blogs now because it all seems like a marketing sham to try to get you more viewership, and that calls your intentions into doubt. Can we please establish some kind of no-spam rule? This is spam.
  7. Rendall's Avatar
    Wow, so your solution is to not put the blame on Hardy, man just because TNA didn't deal with the situation well; doesn't mean that Hardy shouldn't be blamed. Your obviously a Hardy mark; because the facts are this, Hardy left WWE because he was bored with keeping fit and working hard; so he could go to TNA and work less and take more drugs to get hammered. That is it, the guy is a low life; who treats his very fans such as you with complete disrespect, sorry but get real mate

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