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Rick Starr

  1. Undertaker/HHH WrestleMania A Rick Starr blog Splash

    Over the past decades he has been called the Phenom, Bad-Ass, but of course most popular: Dead Man! His WrestleMania streak is almost as legendary as the “Last Outlaw” himself. The Undertaker clearly has more memorable moments in WWF/WWE history than anyone who has come before him.

    While the Undertaker walks in the darkness, this years current opponent, lives for stealing the spotlight ...
  2. Has Hulk Hogan helped TNA?

    Ever Since Hulk Hogan “and Friends” walked into TNA in 2009, many have wonder if it has been for the better or for the worse. I will admit when I first heard that when Hogan and Bichoff was coming to help Dixie Carter run TNA I honestly thought they would do great things. In the following weeks, those high hopes, began to get backed up with more reality as some big names began to show up. Faces ...

    Updated 03-06-2011 at 03:37 AM by Rick Starr

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  3. The Chris Benoit Tragedy- A Rick Starr Blog Splash

    It's been over three years since Chris Benoit Murdered his wife and son, and then took his own life. Now many feel that this is a touchy subject, but this blog does not just do the nice and easy does the hard ones too. I was a huge fan of Chris Benoit for many years, and I still have a WCW 4-Horsemen T-Shirt which I still wear. In my opinion one of the greatest moments in WWE history was ...

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  4. Can You Smell What Dwane is Cookin?

    Since Dwane...sorry I just can't call him "The Rock" anymore, he lost that right 7 years ago. It was just weeks ago when Dwane returned to the WWE, as the special host for WrestleMania 27. But what really took me by surprise was that he told the fans, that he was not there to make money, not there to promote a film, or any other financial gain. He simply said that he was "back", ...

    Updated 03-02-2011 at 01:27 AM by Rick Starr

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  5. The Sting Controversy - A Rick Starr Blog Splash

    This Blog has been edited from it's original version. To see the full blog (though there is not much difference) goto

    It began just under a month ago, With an eerie promo of a deserted house, on a dark and rainy night. Heavy footsteps slowly crept up to the house, and several distorted faces reflected through the rainy window...or so we thought. At the end, ...
  6. The Rick Starr Blog Splash 8-18-2010

    Welcome back to the Rick Starr Blog Splash! In a few short hours I'll be calling in to Double B's Wrestling Show, where I'll give some daily scoops, then join in and talk about the week in wrestling. If your interested we get together every Wednesday at 8:00pm eastern time at ...
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