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  1. Automatic's Avatar
    Starrcade was the first wrestling PPV if i'm right. Unless you don't consider the closed circuit like PPV.
  2. TakerMania's Avatar
    This WrestleMania is Gonna kick ass

    Please Ladies and Gentlemen Wrestling Fans of ALL ages be Positive about it and it will be good

    can you really do it ?! I know it's really hard on you guys to do that I mean seriously Hard to be postive about Wrestling for a change

    but try to do it this time

    trust me it feels nice xD
  3. Rick Starr's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by helmsley
    BUt this wm has something no other wrestemania has had in seven years...................The Rock!!
    Well I have been ribbing "The Rock" for the past few blogs about WrestleMania. I figured I'd give it a rest on this one. But yes I know, and I don't think one person will make or break Mania.
  4. helmsley's Avatar
    BUt this wm has something no other wrestemania has had in seven years...................The Rock!!
  5. printz1224's Avatar
    I haven't seen the chaperone, but it's always been my opinion that you can't blame an actor if the entire movie's bad. And the chaperone just looks awful, nothing about it makes me wanna watch it. So kudos on not blaming HHH. If anyone's to blame, it's the casting director for the Thor movie...that might've prevented this awful excuse for a film from being made.
  6. Saiga's Avatar
    the chaperone was indeed hard to watch. so i agree with your review.
  7. printz1224's Avatar
    i just meant he never left as in there was always the element of surprise lurking around the corner. like the events you mentioned, or his promo on vince/umaga vs. trump/lashley. he said it himself like 100 times. he's accomplished everything he wanted to accomplish, so he moved on.

    would i have preferred it if he had that "one last match" and a big HBK style send off? absolutely. but that was his choice. i don't expect him to come back full time. my only hope is that he can give us that "one last match". And i'm no Cenation member...but I for one wouldn't be mad at all if his last match was against Cena. Whether I like it or not, he's the biggest star in the company right now.

    But then again, if that match never happens, and he quietly leaves be it. I bought his DVD the first day it came out a few years ago, and watch it probably a few times a year. I don't wanna sound like a sheep, but I'm happy with what he gave to the company, and to the fans. But like i said, he never said he's coming back full time, so I don't expect that much of him.

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