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    I think you meant No Surrender PPV not Bound For Glory....But I see what you are saying. The rumored card for Bound for Glory the only match im looking forward to is Roode vs Angle. I hope TNA is smart enough to have Roode win the TNA World Title. I have wanted to see Roode as a main event guy for 5 years now, he is that good, when given the light shine. Sadly Roode was pushed to the back ground for ever damn WWE castaway that TNA hired. Roode and Storm made Beer Money Inc work as a tag team when TNA had nothing left for them. Now its time for TNA to repay those "orginials" back for all of their hard work and for their faith in the company. But I think Angle will win, due to James Storm interference, sitting a feud between those two. I dont see Angle losing the title to anyone but Crimson(A huge mistake, but we can save that for another day).

    I totally get what you are saying about Jeff Hardy and I agree everyone deserves a second chance. My problem is Jeff Hardy has already had that second chance. He is working on his 3rd maybe 4th chance. Sometimes fans just have to let go. If he isnt going to help himself, what can really be done? He can say he is sorry everyday for the rest of his life, but if he continues down the path he is on it wont ever matter. TNA shold have fired his ass at Victory Road and shame on them for letting the match with Sting to happen to begin with. That alone says something about the state of TNA. Worse than that, having him come out to apologize to the fans for his actions on the same day as he plead guilty to 3 counts of drug traffican is another moronic thing TNA did. That part of the show should have been edited out. But no in my book Jeff Hardy doesnt deserve his 4th chance. He leave wrestling for a year, go in to rehab then we can talk, until then I wish I would never see Jeff Hardy on my TV anymore.

    John Morrison needs a change of enviroment. He should ask for his release or hell WWE should let him go. He is useless!! He gets hardly any fan reaction and when he was heel he never could garner any real heel heat. Morrison might have had a future but the tag team of Miz & Morrison ruined it. Who can really take him seriously anymore? He needs to be in RoH or TNA to rebuild his character and image. Then maybe 2 maybe 3 years from now he can come back to the WWE and be the star everyone was hoping for him. Another thing he needs to do is stop worrying about what the hell Melina is doing. Melina, IMO, is part of his problem as well.

    Great blog!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucha_Libre
    In No surrender and the three impact tapings that followed he has used the crossface as his finisher
    Yes I know he did, again it goes back to what I was saying, But he apparently has stuck to the "Crippler Cross Face"
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    In No surrender and the three impact tapings that followed he has used the crossface as his finisher
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    Thanks! I knew he used the Fisherman's Suplex, but he's jumped from move to move, he hasn't been stuck with one solid move. I think the Spine Buster, and Fisherman's Suplex are more signatures rather than finishers. At this point it's hard to tell cause we have only seen him as a tag team wrestler for so many years.
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    Good blog. But don't forget Roode also does the fisherman's suplex.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick Starr
    I'd like to see a big change in Cena. I don't think it would hurt his career to turn heel for awhile. As for Punk, I don't know what the deal is. I just know that thew WWE has not given him the proper push since his last title run. He has way too much talent to just be sitting on the side lines.
    I don't think it's a great idea for Cena to go heel. He sells a lot of merch and most of the tickets. Turning him heel would turn the E upside down. Guess what? That's CM Punk's job. Here's the other thing: Just about anyone he feuds with gets over. To be honest with you, if he can bring it in the ring like he did at MITB, no turn necessary in my humble opinion. Here's one more thing: if Cena turns heel, who's your top face? Orton? F that. I say turn him heel again when the Christian program is over. This is getting lengthy. I feel a blog coming on.
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    The ideal close for MitB for me would see Cena kayfabe fired and Punk leaving with the WWE title. It sets up so many things which are needed right now. A new WWE Championship (and maybe a tournament to crown a new champion - pushing some of the crowded mid-card for a while) to replace the outdated spinner title, and it would be a great platform for Cena to turn heel. It's unlikely since he is the face of the company, but with Punk quite clearly becoming a Steve Austin-esque face, his departure for a few months could help to propell him into a feud with a now heel Cena when he returns.

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