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    you seem to forget to massive stars that the WWF/E poached back in the 90s and ironically both went back to WCW...Lex Luger and Ric Flair...also you could Argue Kevin Nash as he was WCW before he was WWF/E and the CEO HHH was also WCW...Taz from ECW (was massive at the time),the list goes on and on especially during that time. The ironic thing is that to all intents and purposes WCW was at the time the bigger company (WWF/E had money issues etc) but it signed what WCW deemed as no talent teh likes of Jerichos, Malenkos, Eddies and Reys....although they all really got poached from ECW! before hand. The truth is its not who you "poach" but what you do with them after wards...Stunning Steve Austin was a big star before becoming Stonecold, but teh Stunning Steve bit was old hat. Its like a Football(soccer) team. One player might be ok at one team, but then he transfers and suddenly hes game becomes better and he becomes a leading star...of corse same goes in the other direction also
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    The word 'leftovers' is alittle harsh. It is true of some of the older talents that TNA has brought in, but for most the word is wrong.

    There is one thing that has not been mentioned yet. WWE doesnt seem to acknowledge what the wrestlers have done before coming to WWE. Its like they just picked them up off the streets. WWE seems to act like TNA doesnt exist. TNA on the other hand uses it to their advantage, which seems to be a good thing. Its would be stupid for TNA not to use the ex WWE 'wrestlers' star power.
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    Wasn't R - Truth originally in TNA, as Ron Killings?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wrestlingfan66513
    Don't forget about R-Truth and Kaval. Truth won world titles when he was in TNA and was a top guy there.
    These guys were in WWE before they went to TNA
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick Starr
    That is where many people are wrong. Rey Mysterio DID win a WCW World Title. In Fact if you read my blog, you will have read in 1999, he won the WCW World Title, and was also the WCW Cruiserweight Champion at the same time! He was not champion for long, and left the company soon after.
    Now I've looked it up: wikipedia both the list of WCW World Title, Rey's profile,'s list of WCW World Title, youtube. Link please
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    The difference between TNA picking up ex - WWE talent and WWE picking up ex - TNA talent is that when TNA does it, you know 100% whats going to happen - Guys debut in TNA, are thrown into a storyline straight away, and win the world title within a month, over guys who have worked much harder and longer for it. When the WWE picks up "scraps" from TNA, they do something right with them most of the time. Remember Christian? Sure he was on WWECW for a while, but he was put there to lead the brand. Now hes a 2 time world champion.

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