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    I'm not sure Sheamus deserves to be in this list. I'm not sure if he's 'there' yet. He's over, he's a decent champ, puts on decent matches, but there are several stars that are bigger / more over then he is. Punk, Cena, Orton, Daniel Bryan and even Ryback get a bigger pop, are bigger superstars. In a way - mainstream succes - Miz and even Zach Ryder are bigger stars.
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    Thanks guys! Much appreciated!
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    Another good edition of The Splash. Keep it up.
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    I woke up this morning, and instead of reading blogs about B4G, I figured I'd "Splash" it up instead.

    Excellent read bud!

    Only thing I will add though; When Austin came in with the "Ringmaster" gimmick, I loved it!! LOL, may think I'm a little lame for saying so, but IMO he worked it.

    Cheers again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by akbar
    -Loved reading this, best blogger on this site.
    Thanks man!
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    -Loved reading this, best blogger on this site.
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    I agree with them all except for 3: Jeff wins; Kaz + Daniels wins; James Storm wins!
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