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    Nice blog mate I think WWE are relying on the Rock'e name to solely build that WM match with Cena. Yes it's Rock vs Cena but for god's sake run with a storyline. I mean creative can do so much with this but they just seem to be on a break. If you are building a match for a year you have to get people more invested, use the Rock's popularity to bring in more viewers with compelling storylines.

    The Rock also doesn't need to be back full time he has done that already, he has accomplished his goals. However I would love if he would make spontaneous/unannounced appearances from time to time. This would add to the unpredictability, further build the story and justify to the fans The Rock is really Back.

    Also I believe SCSA still has one more match in him let's say Punk vs Austin.
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    I don think Chyna will come her short stint in TNA, she couldn't body slam JJ cleanly...after seeing that, I was dis-appointed a lot....She's no longer the 9th wonder of the world of Attitude Era...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marx
    I hope they make it possible for a Superstar and Diva to wrestle eachother without the immediate DQ. Senseless that they've put that in in the first place, because they have the same overall rating system.. there's no difference, just appearance..

    An example:
    - I created a bad ass heel character. What is a good way to garner heat? Right, suplex Kelly Kelly through a table (though the IWC loves it I guess).. I did it, recorded the footage (so it's in the highlight reel) but got DQ. Senseless: if they want to make sure no wifebeating clips show up all over the internets, this does not work: the chick went through the table.

    I can understand they don't want to be associated with the Attitude Era anymore and I can understand that to an extent. But it's hypocritical to put in first blood matches, to put in sitout piledrivers, and then make it impossible to slightly touch a diva/managerdiva. Make it possible and I'll make Undertaker tap out to Layla at Wrestlemania.. now that is women empowerment..
    No offense but it seems silly for WWE to have man-on-women violence in the game. The content is rated Teen after all with mostly kids playing the game.
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    Jericho will come back after Vinnie Mac hands over a big fat check.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Briman
    The real problem with wwe games has been present for as long as I can remember and is the number 1 problem with them. When you win a match by pinfall or submission or whatever, the bell rings and there is a massive silence for a few seconds. The fact that the winners music doesnt hit straight away completely takes the gamer out of the situation and can make any excitement there was in the match end straight away.

    Imagine in real life if someone won a money in the bank ladder match and fell off the ladder and then stood there for a few seconds in silence and then reacted when their music hit. It just makes no sense and ruins the game completely. THQ needs to know this. I have wrote to them before and I suggest others to the same.
    I actually agree with this.......sure, it seems nerdy and paying too much attention to detail, but I know A LOT of folks pay attention to this.

    Also, when a heel won the belt in previous years, he had the same reactions as faces, which was run around like a little girl on the turnbuckles and ropes.......heels dont do that, they stand in the middle of the ring and taunt with the belt in the air. It was just weird to see Kane, Undertaker and Umaga running around like little girls after a win.

    I am also obsessed with changing attires. I absolutely went crazy 2 years ago when that was introduced. This year, I'm more stoked about the roster size and future DLC's still being announced.
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    Nice blog mate The title is full of win
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    As a big fan of past divas I congratulate you for being objective on the Chyna subject. Some of the comments I've read about her on this site lately make her sound no better than Sunny and while her recent actions are indeed questionable the fact is she was right about paving the way for the women in WWE and nothing she does can change all she did for the women in WWE. It angers me when I read some of these comments cause it leads me to think some of those people are crazy, incredibly forgetful, extremely biased or just plain sexist and can't accept the idea that a woman had the accomplishments she had when facing men. Anyway nice blog .
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