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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I read your title, and that's only comment is, WHO CARES? RVD is old, Batista always sucked, and Lesnar stopped taking it seriously like 7 years ago. Would having them come back matter at all?
  2. HCollins-TNA1's Avatar
    the 1st time he left it was Cena cause it was You're fired match.
    the 2nd was the Randy Orton punt.
    Great blog....
    Really don't think Jericho the GM replacement.... I rather see Taker vs Jericho while it can happen then maybe Jericho and Punk at Summer Slam...
  3. number13's Avatar
    I think it's a real shame that Jericho went out at the point where he was undertaking to determine and expose the identity of the anonymous Raw GM (which they then had Edge pick up on for about two weeks before forgetting all about it). It'll be up there with GTV as great wrasslin' mysteries of our time...
  4. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Wrestlinfan608
    I hate Chris Jericho he is a pompous asshole
    Then he's done his previous role as a heel properly, just like Cole.

    I'm hoping for Jericho/Punk at WM far more than Jericho/Taker. What would really appeal to me would be a Jericho/Punk WWE World Championship title unification match to prove which of the two is the best in the world. Would like to see the Taker streak match be against a younger guy instead of HHH as rumored, but I don't want to see the streak ended just yet.
  5. Sully's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jags
    Good blog, although it was Orton who took Jericho out with a punt. Maybe he will have a feud with Orton after Orton/Barrett ends.
    Considering Orton is hurt and will be out for half the year, I don't think that's likely.
  6. mattw705's Avatar
    I'm hoping for Punk vs. Jericho. That's a Wrestlemania caliber match with a great tag line "Who is the best in the world?"

    They've had the match before...

    ..but they'd pull out all stops on the grandest stage of them all.
  7. PSOjedi's Avatar
    Great Blog Rick Starr

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