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    In the early years of RAW, I LOVED the Quebecers. Up until that point we had never seen a tag team use their partners as weapons. In that regard, the Quebecers were transcendent. But it was somewhat of a reversal for Jacques Rougeau. He went from Tag Team with Raymond to The Mountie then back to the tag team division.

    Dont forget about The Dream Team. That may have been the 1st tag team consisting of singles stars to come together and become champions (Beefcake & Valentine). They were followed closely by Volkoff & The Sheik.
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    Tag Teams were great back in the day, but even though they're not the same these days, there are still some amazing teams these days. Just look at Daniels and Kazarian. They are the best tag team in the business today. They are 2 of the most amazing wrestlers going, great chemistry together, and the funniest tag team since Edge and Christian. I see so much potential with these guys that I'm going blind...
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    To put a fact the road warriors i believe have held more tag team belts in history and the dudleys are second
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    I loved tag teams like Brain Busters, Killer Bees, Heavenly Bodies, Natural Disasters, Demolition.. those were the days ....
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    I have always been a big fan of tag team wrestling as mentioned in one of my blogs. I think the true definition of a 'throw together' team is 2 guys tossed together for a couple weeks, perhaps months just to win the titles to further their feud. I would hardly ever call the likes of Demolition a 'throw together. I think it is too much to expect any team to stay together forever, especially in this day and age because it gets to the point of what's left to prove. If you had one team constantly dominating they would probably just get the same yawns as Cena. All we can hope for is WWE to continue pushing the division and some of the upstart teams they've create the last several months.
    and btw, Hart Foundation were created in WWF when neither one was going anywhere. Look up Bret's cowboy gimmick! Lol
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    Hmm, fist Blog I saw when logging on here tonight was about the Montreal Screw Job. If repetition of topics is a crime, then I fear for the freedom of this site...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick Starr
    LOL!! As always Savior has never has real opinion on the topic at hand. Then again, sheep like him never really do. The moron never even read my first sentence, where I said people were talking about the subject.
    Sheep like me? A moron who never read the first sentence? When you know how to define such things, then maybe you will sound intelligent in your commentary. Seeing as all I said was, the topic was beaten to death, with no mention whatsoever about whether your blog was good or bad, I fail to see where I'm a moron.

    As for sheep, you don't see me posting a blog on a topic that was already posted on twice in a week. In fact, I see that you have done so, just like a follower. Just like...A Sheep.

    Try Again
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