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  1. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    I would prefer if no one ever beats the Undertaker at WM.

    But if I had to chose, the ONLY person who deserves to beat the Undertaker IMO is Kane.

    They can have Paul Bearer come out afterwards and they can retire and both disappear in cloud of red and purple smoke, lighting and fire. That's the only way I would be cool with the Taker losing at WM.
  2. justinjackson1983's Avatar
    Il be honest the matches you mentioned would be potential matches at events like survivor series or summerslam (should undertaker ever agree to a event outside wrestlemania) however for wrestlemania matches I dont agree at all, The undertaker's matches are special attraction and I dont see how any of the guys you said have reached a level where people would want to see them in a match of that degree considering the quality of recent wrestlemania matches the undertaker has competed in.

    The only possibilty I could see would be sheamus, and thats if and a big IF by some unforeseen circumstance names like lesnar,rock or cena couldnt wrestle at the event.

    Undertakers last few mania matches should be given that "big fight feel" and none of the names you mentioned have that and until they do should not be anywhere the undertaker at wrestlemania.

    ....and to answer your question undertaker should straight up lose if he where to be beaten, the person would get enough heat just for ending the streak to taint such a legendary feat would be just a horrible horrible idea
  3. The_Socal_Guy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rick Starr
    I know a lot of people don't like this blog, for the simple reason that I said The Undertaker should be defeated by one of the younger guys in the WWE. It's not that I don't like the Undertaker, far from it. But the man's time has come. If he is going to continue to wrestle, we might as well just bring back Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Terry Funk! None of those men knew when to call it a day, and all of those men incredible legacies. But now all they are remembered as just players who stayed in the game way to long...
    There is a little difference between Taker, Hogan and Flair. Taker is smart enough to make a ton of money only wrestling once a year. Where as Flair and Hogan have to be on tv and in the ring just about every week. When Taker's time comes to hang up his boots he will go out on top. No need for him to lose in order to retire.
  4. saint_nick's Avatar
    It was looking like a nice blog until this paragraph.
    'However whenyou get down to it, I don’t think The Undertaker’s ego, is big enough to handlebeing defeated by any of the names mentioned. His character has always beenlarger than life, and now he has to look deep inside himself to let go of thatcharacter.' Which kind ofmakes the blog pointless, don't you think?

    Anyway, my thoughts of the names you suggested.
    Cody Rhodes - Not ready for the big push yet.
    Alberto Del Rio - Not over enough with fans.
    Daniel Bryan - Is a good possiblity.
    Dolph Ziggler - 50/50 not really sure.
    Sheamus - Could be the one. Mainly because he is a HHH guy. Plus he has the size and strenght. etc.

    Just on Lesnar, I dont believe for one second he will beat Undertaker atWrestlemanina ever. With all the personnal bad feelings between them, I dont see Undertaker agreeing to the finish.

    As for CM Punk & Cena. I don’t see any purpose for them winning. They are both top guys already and don’t really need this under their belts.

    The Undertakers streak should never be broken. It is likethe question: Should Sting wrestling for WWE? No. If they were both going to happen, why not 5+years ago?

    Last thing, I take real offence from DK Wrestling Saviorfor saying this. ‘Finally,you said Taker beating Brock wouldn't be believable...uhhh, this is wrestling.NOTHING is believable, because it's fake’ Any true wrestling fanshould also take offence at this, because a true wrestling fan would NEVER saythis.
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  5. AndyWonder's Avatar
    and if its Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker @ Wrestlemania 29, the only way Brock Lesnar wins is if he agrees to re-sign with WWE.
  6. AndyWonder's Avatar
    It's too late now. No superstar, not even John Cena or Chris Jericho or Sheamus is big enough to end streak. Too many high profile stars were matched up vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania; too many high profile stars lost to have anyone beat him there in the future. I think either Diesel, Kane, Big Show, or Triple H were big enough stars to have been given the privilege of ending streak. If none of them were allowed to, no one else should.
  7. Heavy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rick Starr
    I never thought the streak was a joke. If anything I think that streak is a huge accolade to The Undertaker. I also thing that IF they allowed someone to beat that streak, it would give that person a huge push, more so I think that person would hold that win higher than any world title! Lets be real for a second. The undertaker is a legend always will be. if he had one loss at WrestleMania, would you think any less of him? I certainly wouldn't. I asked at the end of my blog HOW should the Undertaker be defeated, and not one person had the balls to answer. so I will.

    I think if the Undertaker should lose it should be B: A straight up 3 count. that way there would be no excuses. If he got a heel loss people would make excuses for the loss, and never accept it.

    You just can't throw sombody in there because it'll give them a push in their career because the people who have challenged for the streak have built up a great reputation and have built up a fued. Nobody on that list has a strong rep under them let alone half of what it'll take. If anything I'd say Jericho would've been a great pic for your list.

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