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    Well, you missed Sheamus and Alberto del Rio.....can't say I blame ya
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    Quote Originally Posted by TRICK1042
    Sorry but if HBK didn't do it, no one should!
    Amen to that.
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    No one will beat the Streak. If some of the greatest superstars of all-time like Shawn Michaels, triple H and Kane can't beat the Streak, i'm supposed to believe somone like Rhodes or Sheamus will beat it? No way that would ever happen. When it comes to Lesnar, I don't want him anywhere near the Undertaker at WM.
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    Did Kurt Angle hack DK Wrestling Savior's profile for revenge?
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    Sorry but if HBK didn't do it, no one should!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Playboy Stevie V
    I would prefer if no one ever beats the Undertaker at WM.

    But if I had to chose, the ONLY person who deserves to beat the Undertaker IMO is Kane.

    They can have Paul Bearer come out afterwards and they can retire and both disappear in cloud of red and purple smoke, lighting and fire. That's the only way I would be cool with the Taker losing at WM.
    I will agree with you Stevie, that is another proper ending for The Undertaker, and Kane is certainly one who has probably earned that more than anyone. My list was to push younger stars for the future, but If anyone else was to defeat Taker at WM, Kane certainly would make the most sense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by justinjackson1983

    ....and to answer your question undertaker should straight up lose if he where to be beaten, the person would get enough heat just for ending the streak to taint such a legendary feat would be just a horrible horrible idea
    That was my personal answer, however I still gave every reader 3 options as to HOW the Undertaker could lose his last match..should he in fact lose at WrestleMania. And only one person stepped up to the plate and gave an option, even in a hypothetical situation. If people didn't like what I had to say in this blog about the Undertaker, then people are really going to be pissed off when I do my follow up, and talk about the man needs to retire.

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