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  1. Rick Starr's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Heavy
    You don't write very good blogs at all..
    Opions vary
  2. Todd3340's Avatar
    U do realize at over the limit we had almost the exact same ending except it wasnt a draw
  3. AndyWonder's Avatar
    i liked the ending of the Cena/Punk match. There has not been an ending like that in a very long time. freshens things up.
  4. Heavy's Avatar
    You don't write very good blogs at all..
  5. Rick Starr's Avatar
    Sorry folks I did botch up on missing the Sheamus/ADR Match
  6. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Decent review... I'm only going to knock on the fact that you gave Punk/Cena 5stars. Seriously?!!? ....Did you even watch the match??? Night of Champions was a mediocre PPV. Nothing shocking, or exciting and quite frankly, the only half decent match on the card was the Fatal 4 Way for the I.C title.

    Good read.
  7. Kaisered's Avatar
    Don't know if you did it on purpose or not, but you said nothing about the superhypermega predictable WHC match.
    Great read anyways.

    Oh and is whether not weather

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