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    Isn't Vince high on Ryback? I don't know how he'd go leading the company but your choices are valid, but ortons a different story as you said with his record, I would honestly love to see ziggler be the leader of the wwe
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    1. Beth Phoenix: I want her to be in TNA...TNA fans are more into wrestling so they would like her and also, I want to see Beth n ODB in some story line. Either TNA version of Divas of Doom or in a vicious feud.

    2. Kelly Kelly: I never cared her...Many people think she's pretty but, I have a different opinion....I simply does not like her.

    3. On 3 hour format: I'm bored of it n not even watching Raw regularly these days...I'm enjoying NXT for which we have a telecast in India.

    4. Morgan: Though people here do not like him, I like the guy. He's big n better than many big guys. If he goes to WWE he'll be never pushed for being in TNA. Tensai is different, he got Undertaker's backing (I read it somewhere in this site itself). I am not liking the comparison itself. I feel Morgan better than Tensai. Morgan has a better look n physique than Tensai. I feel Morgan will be better in TNA n I do not think he'll be a world champion even there. For me he's a very good midcard title material who at times can challenge a main event guy...

    5. Christian: I'm a huge fan of him. I literally was on my feet when I saw him winning World Championship in TNA. I feel that was a great moment in his career. The celebration he had with the peeps made me feel jealous of all those who attended the event. At this juncture, he cannot repeat the same magic in TNA. He should be at WWE only. I wish he recover quickly and make a come back. I want to see a DB vs Christian feud.

    6. Cena/NWO Concept: I hate it literally. First thing's first, I'm not a huge fan of NWO except the first incarnation. Second thing, Cena should not be a part of any stable. I like your idea of giving Angry Batista kind of gimmick to Cena. I believe Cena can do it better than Batista for the simple fact that he can deliver better promos.

    Bottom Line: Good Blog and ThanX for keeping engaged with all the hot things in the Business!!
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    Really diggin this blog, keep it up! You keep writing, I'll keep reading.
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    I enjoyed this blog. I figure the best way to show my appreciation is to offer my opinion.

    For years I became disinterested in wrestling. This was due mainly to what was going on in my life and not what was happening in WWE. I started watching again several years ago when I happened to come across TNA on television for the first time. It was right after Christian started with the company. I became an ardent fan of his and TNA's because of his witty character there. His back and forth with AJ Styles, Angle, and Tomko was as good as I ever remember seeing. For whatever reason imo, he just doesn't translate well to the WWE as either face or heel. Unfortunately, I don't think that he could go back and recapture that old magic in TNA either.

    As far as Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly go, I honestly couldn't offer you an opinion. I have never been a big fan of women's wrestling. Ever since my purchase of a DVR I don't believe I have watched an entire women's match. Kelly is easy on the eyes (moreso than Beth) without a doubt. I am just of the opinion that if I candy is your goal, then there are better options available than wrestling shows. (I know I just opened the floodgates to open ridicule.)

    Matt Morgan could make a splash in WWE if they would limit his mic time and have him portray only a limited portion of his personality. He would make a better Snitsky type character than Snitsky did. (I feel the same way about Big Show as well.)

    As far as Cena and the NWO --- Run away from that idea. I do believe that Cena and the WWE could both benefit if Cena were to have a heel run. And, I believe this would be best done if Cena created a new heel faction. But, it would have to be an original idea. The NWO was awesome for the industry at its inception. However, that well has long since ran dry. There should be dvd's made about the NWO. We should remember how awesome their concept was. We should also limit ourselves to only nostalgia when it comes to the classic stables.
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    Beth Phoenix - yes, she and Natty may be the only two female wrestlers I care to watch. But then again, they are female wrestlers who dont sell merchanise, dont draw ratings and dont put butts in the seats. If she went to TNA, the only people that would notice would be those that watch TNA. Those that dont, wont care.

    The 3 Hour RAW - It's been hit / miss with me. Back when they would do a special 3 hour show, it usually stunk. Seems like the best they had was the first which I believe took place in Dallas. Since they have gone to the 3 hour format for good, it's been a format for longer promos, more bits & maybe an extra match that can go 10 minutes or longer. I couldnt care less about adding more diva matches. But, I have greatly enjoyed the comedic stylings of Kane & Daniel Bryan. I also thought tonight's match between Kofi & Dolph was pretty solid. Not to mention the opening promo with Heyman, Punk, Ref & AJ was really good. In a way, it seems like the 3 hour format was made permanent to give Punk more air-time.

    Matt Morgan - Well, he's Matt Morgan. Not sure anyone really missed him. Going back to TNA is likely the best move for him. He flopped in the WWE then sputtered out on American Gladiators. Yes, he's big and larger than life, but to become a mega star in this business you have to make it on the biggest stage. Since he is back at TNA, we'll have to wait until his contract is up and he can make an attempt on the biggest stage again.

    I've always been a Christian guy. I get his dry humor / quick wit. I actually enjoy his whiney heel gimmick. Not as much a fan of his baby face gimmick... unless he's cracking on someone. I prefer him in the WWE simply because I can't get through a TNA show.
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    Very good blog! I'll share my opinions in response.

    Kelly Kelly: Nice to look at but crap in the ring, I agree. Note that after hearing she was coming back AND with the segment on Raw where Kaitlin said her attacker was "a blond" you know she was the first person I thought of. KK doing a heel run could be interesting. OK, maybe not.

    3-Hour Format: Agree with you on everything. I DVR the show and fast forward through the commercials and replays and such. I don't seem to actually spend much more time watching the show than I did before.

    Morgan: Yes, he belongs in TNA. I agree he could fit in well with A&8. WWE would drop the ball with him and bury him shortly.

    Christian: Never really much interested in him, though I do agree that his TNA run was better than his WWE run. He had more of a character there; in the 'E he was either whining all the time (just without the style of Punk) or being a boring babyface.

    Cena/nWo: Yeah, not with Cena. Not even a "faction" for him at all. I truly don't see him turning heel while he remains with WWE. Much as the IWC would love it, it's not going to happen, at least not for a LONG time. And I think the Hart Dynasty could have worked out, actually, but it ... well, it just kind of fell apart because the WWE wanted it to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PhEonYx
    Decent review... I'm only going to knock on the fact that you gave Punk/Cena 5stars. Seriously?!!? ....Did you even watch the match??? Night of Champions was a mediocre PPV. Nothing shocking, or exciting and quite frankly, the only half decent match on the card was the Fatal 4 Way for the I.C title.

    Good read.
    I did watch the match, and despite the ending I thought it was a great match.

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