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    *Austin was 35 in 1999.
    *The Rock was 29 in 2001.
    *Bret Hart was 39 in 1996.
    *HBK was 32 in 1997.
    *John Cena was 28 in 2005.

    I think it's is BEYOND safe to say that age, bares no factor on when a wrestler will be called up to be the next BIG thing. Mind you I will agree that in "today's" wwE, things are much different, and stars are molded at a younger age with hopes that they will one day blossom.

    You have a decent list. Can these men lead the E'? Of course they can. Will they have the same star quality, charisma, "it" factor as some of the Greats of the past? Who's to say....

    One thing is certain, the E' is trying their best to captivate our minds like they once did back in the A.E. HELL if they could bring back the talent they had back then, they probably would! Age is a factor since half of these men can barely keep up with today's roster.

    In general, after reading half of the above comments stating that the wrestlers you've listed are "too old", all I have left to say is; Sometimes there is no such thing as "too old", take a look at how long it took wrestlers such as; Benoit and Eddie to make it to the peek of their careers.
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    I think Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Bo Dallas, Wade Barrett, Bray Wyatt and Big E Langston will be the main event picture in 5 years time.
    Antonio Cesero and Kassius Ohno could dominate the tag team division and become the next Dudley Boyz or LOD.
    I can see Ryback and Sheamus filling the main event for a few years, but not long term due to their age.
    I can see Luke Harper as another one who will dominate, but not long term due to his age.

    I can see a bright future in the top level mid card for Alex Riley, Mason Ryan, Joe Hennig and Derrick Bateman.

    I'd love to see Tyson Kidd with a main event push, but I don't think it will happen due to his size. Hopefully WWE will look past this as he could be the next Bret Hart, HBK, Benoit, Angle etc...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick Starr
    Well Savior, I will agree with you that wrestling (especially WWE) is not what it used to be. I will also say that Linda McMahon's running for the Senate is also putting a hamper on entertaining us. But at the end of the day, John Cena is a puppet for Vince...a very talented puppet at that, but a puppet all the same. So was Bret Hart, and So was Stone Cold! If you think that the WWE can not build another puppet, you have not got the foggiest idea on how the business works.
    I don't have any idea how the business works. I willingly admit that. Do you know how the business works? I'm willing to bet you know exactly as much as I do about the business.

    I'm not sure about them being puppets. It's a two-way street. They are employees. Employees in the entertainment business that follow instructions. However, it's not like they could have just shaved anyone's head, told him to go out there and say "ass" and "son of a bitch" and everyone would have jumped on board with it. It's not like they could have just taken any average built athlete with long hair, thrown pink tights and sunglasses on him, and made him a huge 90's star. They couldn't take any roided up guy, tell him to be a white rapper, and have everyone latch on. Not everyone has the ability to captivate an audience while exhibiting a larger than life presence.

    There will never be another Hogan, Hart, HBK, Austin, Rock or Cena. However, guys like Ziggler, Sheamus, and Punk can easily be replicated.
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    the guys you mentioned are all to old, punk and orton are about the same age as cena, when cena gets to old, they will be to old to. sheamus isnt much younger.

    ziggler is a option, but i cant see him carrying the wwe, mostly because of his heel persona.
    i think you should look to the young men on the roster.

    ryback: most likely, but i still think his gimmick sucks, he isnt that good inring, and on the mic he is just to stale, but who knows he can inprove in time

    drew mcintyre: my personal favorite, he has the inring skill, isnt bad on the mic, and his chosen one gimmick would fit, although he need to turn face somehow

    wade barett: he is great on the mic, inring more then ok, but i dont see how they are going to turn him face, this men has the word villian all over him, he might become the next top heel

    seth rollins: nxt champion, if that brand truly matters, this should be the next face of the wwe, extremely good inring, his gimmick is like when cm punk started in ecw, he looks like him back then to, he could be it

    bray wyatt: i know he will not become the next big thing in wwe because of his weight, but inring, gimmick and mic skills of bray are through the roof, i hope they are going to use him in the future

    tyson kidd: i truly like him, but he is simply to small

    cody rhodes: i dont know, i think he is to small to, but if he plays his cards right he could become a top player in the future,

    these are the men i can think off right now,
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    Quote Originally Posted by Heavy
    Punk can't do it because he is the top heel in WWE and it's a great role for him, he's like 35 anyway. And besides Vince is high on Ryback and he wants to build somebody new and in their twenties.
    First off Punk's 33, and there is 3 problems with that right there: 1. Ryback's mic skills are nil, the guy says about 5 words. 2. despite him being over with the fans, he's a 1 trick pony. he only has a few wrestling moves. 3. Ryback is not in is twenties, he's 30. Furthermore I dont think Cena is ready to step down as the #1 guy just yet. So if McMahon truly wants someone in their twenties, that will leave Ryback out in the cold. Could Ryback get a WWE/World title somewhere in the future? Absolutely, but I dont see him leading the pack. There's a difference between being high on someone, and having them be the #1 guy.
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    The only way to end the streak would be a career vs career type of match with another hall of fame caliber wrestler getting a clean 3-count. That should be the ONLY way it's even considered, not to push a younger talent as has been suggested. I think Kane would be a great option for this, or the Rock since they have never faced off at 'Mania.
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    Punk can't do it because he is the top heel in WWE and it's a great role for him, he's like 35 anyway. And besides Vince is high on Ryback and he wants to build somebody new and in their twenties.
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