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Rick Starr

  1. The Splash: If Cena, Orton, Punk, and Sheamus all left the WWE.

    What if Cena, Orton, Punk, and Sheamus all Left the WWE.

    Hello Splashers. Today we are going to try something a bit different. Rather than use the typical “Top 5” I am going to start using another concept called “What If”. Let’s imagine for a moment that ...

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  2. DX/NWO Feud on the Horizon? Bourne's Puffs and Tweets, and JR Spills the beans.

    Howdy Splashers! It’s a new day, and a new blog! It’s time to get splashin’!

    Jim Ross Talks about Taker’s Return:
    I read Jim Ross’ Blog, and his thoughts on a possible Undertaker return. In short he said he expects Taker to be at WrestleMania 28, but he has no clue ...

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