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Rick Starr

  1. The Splash: Who Will Be WWE's Next Big Thing

    Welcome back Splashers. This past week John Cena had removal of bone fragments or spurs in his right arm this past weekend. While it was a mild operation, Cena is expected to appear at Hell in the Cell. I read the interview with a former member of the WWE creative team: Court Bauer posted by Ryan Clark. ...

    Updated 10-01-2012 at 03:03 PM by Rick Starr

  2. My Top 15 WrestleMania Matches: Pt. 1 of 2.

    Hey Splashers, I hope you all enjoyed your holidays. I want to thank wrestlingfan66513 for giving the opportunity to participate in Blog Wars KOTR Edition. Secondly I’d like to give props to Hitman for winning this Blog Wars.

    When it comes to wrestling Pay Per Views, there is always one ...

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