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Rick Starr

  1. The Splash: When Do Pro-Wrestlers Become Superstars?

    I watched the C.M. Punk Documentary that was just released on DVD, and it was fantastic! The documentary showed that Punk was the sole man behind his character, and NOT a WWE product. In fact he used the “Straight Edge” character as a heel, when he was wrestling for the “Indies”, and he drew just ...

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  2. Raw Re-writting History & More

    Hey Splashers! I hope everyone enjoyed their Turkey Day! Me? I’ve been working on a few side projects. I just finished off a Big Show WMD Wall Paper, and for those of you who like the TV Show “Sons of Anarchy” I will have both those wallpapers up at my site: . Alright with all ...

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  3. Undertaker/HHH WrestleMania A Rick Starr blog Splash

    Over the past decades he has been called the Phenom, Bad-Ass, but of course most popular: Dead Man! His WrestleMania streak is almost as legendary as the “Last Outlaw” himself. The Undertaker clearly has more memorable moments in WWF/WWE history than anyone who has come before him.

    While the Undertaker walks in the darkness, this years current opponent, lives for stealing the spotlight ...

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