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    Quote Originally Posted by pjpjr6
    Please, we don't need your music videos at the end of each blog.
    Anything to say about the actual blog itself?

    Nice blog. I'll be honest, I liked Goldberg back when I watched WCW. I would say he was one of my favorites when I watched back in 98-the closure of the company.

    However, i think Ryback will be better. He's far better in the ring (being an actual wrester rather than a converted football player), and judging from his Skip Sheffield days, he's got some mic skills too (be interesting to see what kind of style he uses when they have him talk, as his new character is very different).

    I don't agree with your choice of music for him though. I don't think it suits him one bit. But that maybe just me since I don't like that kind of music.
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    @pjpjr6, um bye

    @B-ri, good hearing from you bro hope everything's good in life. Yeah they have something good going here, i like what I'm seeing, and yea its cool he isnt the usual fat guy. His muscular build gives him an advantage. Interesting Vince didnt use this angle for Mason Ryan but im glad he waited and used it for ryback.
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    Great blog! I actually like seeing Ryback in WWE. Makes a change having a properly buff machine again, too many not fat but more globular monsters (clay, Henry) have been pushed in recent years. It's nice to see a destructive muscle man again.
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    Please, we don't need your music videos at the end of each blog.
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    Hey Knox, what's up man. I like most of the list, especially Jake Roberts and Razor Ramon (those themes were off the charts). But I don't know if DDP's music deserves to be on this list, considering that it's just a 100% rip off of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit. Not to mention, self high five just sounds like something you do when you don't have any friends. Anyway, take it easy man.
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    Yeah... this is really a "my 10 favorite themes list," as most are forgettable at best and horrible at worst. Whether you like them or not:

    Stone Cold
    Hulk Hogan
    Macho Man
    Ric Flair
    Ted Dibiase
    Roddy Piper

    Had the most iconic themes in WWE history, easily recognizable and synonymous with WWE's most popular periods, as well as being associated with legends of the industry.

    I should say though, that while I do like the songs you put in your list, as they are great songs, for being the greatest in history, they have to represent something much more than just having a cool riff. I still think Edge's, Punk's, and Kane's statuses as legends or future legends leaves much to be desired (never found Kane all that impressive or innovative and I thought Edge's induction was a knee jerk reaction to his sudden retirement), but I'm probably getting off topic.

    The Horsemen themes are both fucking godly, however.
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    good list. i love the fact that Metalingus and One of a kind (Edge and RVD) were on or at least honorable mention. im a huge kane fan, slow chemical was always his best theme.

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