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  1. Batista101's Avatar
    Great debate, i agree with new talent being needed right now at the top, however it is a proven FACT that old school i.e "triple h, taker, hbk, y2j" draw huge, if a great balance of young heels, i.e "Morrison, Sheamus, Dibiase, and up and coming faces, "swagger, ezekial jackson and Miz" pull together, then superstars like rey mysterio, edge, kene etc can really recover right yet still part take in the spotlight to put over younger talent and steal the show in their own matches, it would be a spectacle, note: would much prefer JOMO heel, and MIZ as a face, just my opinion, and side note: alberto del rio, cody, drew, forgot to mention, all worthy.
  2. miz AWESOME's Avatar
    PUSH YOUNG TALENT PLEASE WWE yoshi tatsu is an amazing superstar but he is used on superstars, the same with zack ryder, he is used on superstars to job to everyone and chavo, cant you see really need to retire, your jobbing to Beth Phoenix in an eagle costume!
  3. Slickman69's Avatar
    What I don't understand is why do they still have Smackdown and Raw as two separate brands ? It worked in 2002 because there was so much talent you just had to split the roster but now the roster looks really weak. If we had the same roster for both brands as we did in the late 90's and early 2000's we would see a lot of guys getting better pushes because they would actually have somebody to wrestle.
  4. Tai Night's Avatar
    Agree with some. Do think that WWE need to do more with their younger talent. The part about TNA, I am not so sure. As someone stated earlier, better write, big threat.

    Listen to your song an glad that someone else rep for Bmore.
  5. TNA FN Show's Avatar
    @WWETNA100 It Sounds Like Fourtune
  6. The Brown One's Avatar
    WWEs gotta start putting over the young talent faster. Through all the injures and age etc the vets won't be around for much longer so WWEs' screwed if they don't get some new main eventers. Vets should put over the younger stars and then have a long, even fued so that the younger wrestlers look more believable as maint event material. I like that they put Del Rio in the World title match at TLC and made a #1 contender match involving Morrison, thats 1 step closer to building a new main event scene. Now they gotta go 1 step further and push Drew(what happened to his push? He wasn't bad in the ring), Kofi(would make a crazy heel), Cody Rhodes, and Swagger.
  7. wwetna100's Avatar
    I Think a good heel stable would be Swagger, Sheamus, McIntyre and Miz and they could be called "The Fatal Future"

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