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  1. deecee's Avatar
    hi knox great list bit disapointed there was no spot for wade barret tho
  2. Grinchin's Avatar
    I would like Cody more if he wasnt wearing a diaper sized pair of trunks, and maybe kneepads.
  3. knox's Avatar
    @ brown one, thanks for agreeing, yea i dont know what it is about dolph but im a really big fan for some reason. Im also a huge ted dibiase fan but he didnt make the list.
  4. knox's Avatar
    wow wow wow, how was i dumb enough to forget ken anderson. Yeah Ken would've been number 2 on the list. He's amazing. Im glad he's not in the wwe because I have the feeling they wouldve made him like santino (a big Joke).
  5. The Brown One's Avatar
    Hey. Very nice read.

    8) No matter who he faces, Jericho is always entertaining.

    7) I'm very happy with the lenghty IC title reign they have given Dolph. It makes him a credible champion, and brings prestige to the title which was once held by the greats. I've enjoyed all of this mans work and he has truly been someone to tune in to watch every week.

    Bonus #1: I loved what WWE did with Sheamus this year. With no Haitch around, Sheamus has truly been given his time to shine, and has become someone almost unbeatable and believable as a dominant heel this year.

    4) At first I didn't like Swagger, but after watching him week after week, just like Ziggler he became a thing to watch. I feel that WWE competely dropped the ball on him, and hope that he picks up momentum and wins titles next year.

    3) Without a doubt this man has kept me watching TNA. With AJ in Immortal not doing much(which I really hate, considering that Styles was named Wrestler of the year), Kurts matches have been the ones that I tune into TNA to see.
  6. mrbluto's Avatar
    (10) Pope
    (9) Big Show
    (8) Edge
    (7) Jack Swagger
    (6) Dolph Ziggler
    (5) Kurt Angle-when he wrestles
    (4) AJ Styles
    (3) HHH-When he wrestles
    (2) CM Punk
    (1) Mr. Anderson-Ken has all the skills to be the next big draw in wrestling.
    You know, what I really think what goes through McMahon's mind is that in pro wrestling there's no retirement. Most wrestlers retire from the WWE but in the end, you see them making a living in the indies. But some will argue the fact that the main eventers in WWE will legitamately leave the ring, but my question is, how many will pull a Ric Flair? No I don't mean join TNA, I mean say that you retire for a year and yet you come back in the indy scene or something. Not everyone is like Shawn Michaels who financially doesn't need to wrestle anymore. But what happens when you lose all that money? Most turn to the only thing they grew up with and that's wrestling.

    I'm just sayin' my opinion, I'm not right, nor am I wrong, I'm neuteral.

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