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  1. mrbluto's Avatar
    Love the blog. Everything you say is 100% spot on. To bad Vince dosent get it yet.
  2. shanethewolf's Avatar
    John Morrison tops my list without competition. His matches seem to steal most PPVs in my opinion and his style is so much more unique and unpredictable than anyone else on the roster.
  3. chunkkynutzzz's Avatar
    Tied at number punk bad!
  4. chunkkynutzzz's Avatar
    10.triple h 9.steve austin 8.aj styles 7.eddie guerrero 6.the rock 5.daniel bryan 4.chris jericho 3.kurt angle 2.john morrison/alberto del rio 1.shawn micheals
  5. Snair's Avatar
    I agree with u on zack ryder .he's good with mic and decent in ring
  6. bigmeech60's Avatar
    I agree with the list for the most part but i dont get why everyone thinks rtruth is so good in the ring. I feel like he has the same move sets and is very robotic. idk thats just me.
  7. deecee's Avatar
    my list
    (10) santino marela
    (9) cody rhodes
    (8) dolph ziggler
    (7) ken anderson
    (6) edge
    (5) jack swagger
    (4) aj styles
    (3) cm punk
    (2) randy orton
    (1) wade barret

    see what ya think

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