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  1. FreshPerspective's Avatar
    Gonna be either Del Rio (God I hope so) or HHH (please for the love of God no)
    Sadly i dont see Christian winnign it (Vince/WWE juse doesnt see him as a main evernter)

    Barrett or Possibly Christian
  2. The Brown One's Avatar
    Not a bad blog. However, I do wish that you would have gone into more detail with the wrestlers in your "Conclusion and Last Notes" section. I wanted to know how Swagger and Kane could work, because I just don't see it happening.

    And Bryan and Ziggler didn't have any explanation, despite being the most entertaining wrestlers in WWE right now, in the ring.
  3. Booker T Fan's Avatar
    not bad, i agree 4 the most part
  4. GFunk4.2's Avatar
    eloquent and just right...congratulations..
  5. RagnarokNRoll's Avatar
    I agree completely. You pretty much just booked my dream 'Mania. It just seems like WWE has no attention span anymore. Remember when Drew McIntyre was "chosen" by Vince to be a world champion and now he is doing unfunny comedy bits with Kelly Kelly. Ted DiBiase is jobbing to Santino, Jack Swagger was world freaking champion and now he is relegated back to the mid card. Tyson Kidd is jot even in a coherent feud. Also leaving Tyler "Seth Rollins" Black off of NXT was a mistake unless they have something else to bring him up to the main roster.
  6. AxisOfWin's Avatar
    Heel Cena would be beyond amazing. However as big willie above says, a PLC needs a public face. Who are they gonna have as top face? Mark Henry?!
  7. BigWillie54's Avatar
    The would be good for the IWC but not so for WWE.

    Til they find someone that can make as much money has he can, Cena will never turn heel. This should be known now. No one on raw can replace his cash flow for the company. Am im sure you're saying "Why not just try and maybe someone could replace cena as an top face" but then i will tell you that wwe is a public company now and they have to meet certain things for their share holders so they wouldnt risk it unless they are sure.

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