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  1. scribblerking's Avatar
    Very interesting idea and for the mere fact it makes too much sense means it will never happen of course...i do think the whole Shield stable needs to either end soon or get a boost either from a new member to stir things up and if they are around to stay as a stable they need to seek out some mid-card gold like the IC or US title
  2. Michael Cobb's Avatar
    This would be cool, but there's an element you're forgetting. The Shield is a stable and in WWE that means its highly unlikely it'll last a full year.
  3. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    Never thought about it, but would make for a very interesting story. I like the idea... I just dont see these current WWE writers being that creative. Not sure they could come up with something like this.
  4. scribblerking's Avatar
    Ditto Rock does not need the title nor Taker for that matter...I'd love to see Ziggler be the next Undisputed World Champ to unify the two titles at WM and retire the WHC once and for all...would be a perfect time to finally bring out a new look for the WWE title

    Honestly folks since when does the Rock or Taker NEED a title to draw huge money at any PPV? They just NEED to show up and BOOM!
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  5. Rick Starr's Avatar
    There have already been several rumors that CM Punk won't have his title come WM29. The Obvious Scenario is that he loses the title to The Rock (either at RR or Elimination Chamber), then John Cena wins Royal Rumble, and goes on to face The Rock for a rematch @ WM28, only with the WWE Title is at stake.

    One of the weaker ones is that Ryback wins Rumble and he goes on to face the Rock at WM 28. personally if you ask me...I'll just be glad when rock has gone back to acting.
  6. MyNameIsAdam94's Avatar
    I'd Love to see Daniel Bryan with a major title again but I like him in team Hell No at the moment. I'd kinda like to see The Miz or Christian take the belt though, they both put on good matches. But tbh I think Christian is the most deserving he's been around for ages and even made the TLC match famous I think he deserves a nice run for maybe like 2-3 months.
  7. A.C. Sativa's Avatar
    The Miz is horrible and shouldn't even have a job, much less be winning the WWE title.

    Anyway, my issue isn't with Rock ending Punk's reign, (just to clarify here, I'm not a big Punk mark. Like his in-ring work, hate his character and think he's a dick in general), every title reign has to end sometime and there's far worse guys you can job to. The Miz, for example. My issue is killing what will be a 434-day reign just so Rock can job the title to John fucking Cena in a match we already saw last year that, while it will make a quick buck, will do nothing to help the company in the long run. Rock winning the title to lose it to someone who could actually use the win (Bryan, Ziggler, Cesaro, etc...) would be fine.
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