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    It certainly sounds like you're trying to bash TNA when you say why TNA will NEVER be #1. Come on. All the points you make are very good ones very valid but never say never. TNA is still a young company figuring things out. What TNA does not do well enough is make a true superstar. WWE was able to force feed John Cena down everyone's throats and help him be liked in a way TNA doesn't understand how to do. A handful of wrestlers like Samoa Joe and AJ Styles have gotten to that point anyways but there really is no excuse not to be pushing people like The Pope in the way the WWE did for Austin, The Rock, or Cena.
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    Is it really smart to create very similar characters when both characters are still wrestling? What's the point of having Edge around if Dolph Ziggler is doing the same thing? How about create the next Shawn Michaels or Ric Flair or better yet why doesn't "the smartest wrestling promotion ever" create another Hulk Hogan with its new PG image. Real smart to go PG and completely alienate your older audience to pander to the kiddies.
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    The WWE made the exact same mistake with the NWO. Rather than making them this tough, cool group with powerful wrestlers seeming like they were in control of the show they immediately jobbed to Austin and The Rock making them look weak.
  4. Justdawg08's Avatar
    eh sometimes the mic skills are good just because people believe in and support the wrestler and what hes done.
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    I just don't see Vince giving Alberto the win. Casual fans wouldn't be attracted by a poster showing Alberto Del Rio in the main event and therefore might not buy the PPV.
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    About Triple H, I wouldn't say we all don't want this to happen because I definitely want this to happen.
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    RR: I think it's going to be CM Punk. This will set up a Wrestlemania main event between him and John Cena. Cena would win the #1 contender's spot at elimination chamber or the rivalry would naturally progress that way.

    MITB: I could see Chris Jericho coming back and winning that event. I'm sure the details of his absence, but I believe it's because he's touring with Fozzy. Assuming Cena wins the title back at WM, it would make sense (at least to me) for Jericho to win MITB and cash it in against Cena, thereby getting that elusive 1-on-1 win against him (for the title no-less)

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