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  1. steveorton's Avatar
    @Johnny wtf dude Tna is over 8 years old, they are no longer young you idiot, its time they step up their game, I'm jus sayin...
  2. Mark McNasty's Avatar
    It actually comes down to 1 simple reason: money. Ted Turner had the wallet to compete with Vince. Dixie Carter does not. As wealthy an entrepreneur as she may be, she did not have an entire media empire behind her and endless pockets to reach into.

    Disenchanted talent and people past their prime go to TNA. Yes, Samoa Joe and AJ Styles- Matt Morgan and others are fantastic wrestlers- but the bulk of their talent outside of the old ECW talents are past their prime or are weak on the mic. It's fairly obvious that Carter and Jerry Jarrett cannot "lure" away names like Cena, Del Rio, Swagger, Undertaker, or other huge WWE names. It's elementary.

    ECW is a good example: great wrestling, but they just didn't have the money.

    WCW was ran out of money and ratings by WWE.

    It's a tough thing to admit, but no matter what storyline or talent TNA picks up, they will more than likely never compete with WWE. In the case of pro wrestling, you really can say "never" might actually mean "never."
  3. loyalDTF's Avatar
    very well said, in tna's eyes....wwe doesnt exist, thats how it needs to be. if not, they will always be number 2, almost none existing number 2. they have the better talent hands down, wwe is trying hard to shut that up in recent week and honestly, they are making their point. But tna needs to let go of the reigns and just fly
  4. Stone Cold Sam Houston's Avatar
    " I watch Smackdown just to see Dolph Ziggler and if I don't see him I get pissed"
    Seems to me that if TNA were to improve it would have a shot to compete. Think of how much more money WWE spends on an episode of SD compared to what TNA spends on Impact. I agree that what they need is to add some more programmn somehow, but Hogan and Bishoff would likely take up all of that too. You're main point is valid though, TNA should pretend WWE doesn't exist and vic versa.
  5. AxisOfWin's Avatar
    That last reason is spot on Knox. Its Bischoff and his dirty tactics again thats all it is. The good thing is that this time, all the mentions of "Up North" are detremental to TNA, making them look like they are grasping for something popular to cling to and ride the coattails (Much like Matt and Jeff Hardy)

    I agree as well, ROH never throw it in your face where their stars came from, including ex TNA talent like Homicide and Christopher Daniels.

    If TNA want to "Cross The Line" they need to stop taking pot shots and get their own house in order. Vince never watched Nitro in the 90's, he got on with his own plan, and he won. Convincingly.

    Another reason is shit like this
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  6. AxisOfWin's Avatar
    Good choices. I agree with the Ziggler/Edge thing, good comparison
  7. knox's Avatar
    i think cena is the new hogan if u ask me

    and yea i agree with u on that, but i think these similar comparisons are to setup for future programs, i'll bet everything i own that orton and mccintyre will feud in 2011

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