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  1. gravesismizfan's Avatar
    Striker and king and punk for raw Matthews and booker and jbl smackdown
  2. Steve Austin's Avatar
    Good blog pal, I doubt Smackdown! would get the A-list announce team because RAW is the main show but i do agree that it is getting better. I think maybe Cole, Booker T and Striker on Smackdown! and JR, King and Mathews on RAW. As you might be able to tell i'm a fan of Mathews (big fan) and Striker.
  3. Trips88's Avatar
    Isn't recent history supposed to be some time within the last 10 years? lol
  4. gravesismizfan's Avatar
    Undertaker barrett would been great or undertaker sheamus or undertaker and Orton
  5. merhardt03's Avatar
    Yea, the Radicalz debut brought Eddie & Benoit. Malenko too, even tho short lived. I really only cared for Saturn in Eliminators day with Kronus in EC Dub. The Moppy gimmick did not do him favors. But Ill never forget when he said "Doggies eat applesauce to save the ozone layer. You're welcome" WTF was that anyway? Lol
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  6. shanethewolf's Avatar
    I thought Bret's return was the ultimate anti-climax. They announced it way ahead of time, so there was no surprise and there was absolutely no drama or tension. Sure, it was nice to see him make up with Shawn, but they could've run an incredible angle and took everybody by surprise.

    I always thought Taz's WWF debut was a great one and very underrated and he and Kurt put on a classic match.

    Best debut ever has to be Jericho's first WWF appearance though. The build up, the count down, the gave me chills. Hard to top that really.
  7. Rick Starr's Avatar
    Yeah I have to agree there. The only real person left other than Jericho was Wade Barret..and he really wasn't up to par just yet. Perhaps next year.

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